Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wizard's First Rule

Wizard's First Rule: people are stupid.
Bush is evidently claiming he doesn't have to enforce or follow any law he deems to be an encroachment on his interpretation of his Constitutional authority. Remember when he and his cronies began screaming during the Terri Schiavo case that the Supreme Court was interpreting the Constitution and it should be adhering to the words therein? Remember? Judicial activism and all of that nonsense? The Constitution is not an ever-evolving document of Important Thoughts and Beliefs to guide our young country by, but a strict set of laws? No? Yes? Cool with this ? No? Yes?
The Constitution clearly states that all Men are created equal. Nothing about women. And the number of slaves a Man owned determined how many votes he was allowed to cast. Back then, the Founding Fathers just didn't trust us nobodies who had no mega-income to cast a vote wisely. Therefore, only landowners with slaves were given the chance to engage in the Electoral process. A Man with a horse, plowshare and some rocky ground was looked at with disdain when it came to understanding this Important Voyage we as a Nation had embarked on.
It pretty much smells the same today. Those with ginormous amounts of cash buy influence, thereby buying votes, thereby ignoring what the common Man might think. And a woman as president? Unthinkable until Hillary rammed her First Lady decorum down the throats of every chauvinistic politician pig. Yet, still the Men scoff at her and anyone who dresses like her.
As for what makes a Man, when the Constitution was written there was only one color of Man. White. Tomorrow, many of our Not-Quite-A-Man bretheren will not be showing up to work as a protest against how they are treated based on the color of their skin. Bush has said "I don't like boycotts" when asked his feelings concerning this "national holiday" for non-Whites. (Of course, when tens of millions of people around the globe were protesting the impending invasion of Iraq, he called us "focus groups".)
Is tomorrow a boycott? Yes? No? Is it civil disobedience? Yes? No? Is it a very large group of people cutting off their noses to spite their faces? Yes? No? Many Anglo-owned large companies (hotel chains specifically) are demanding that these people ask for the day off beforehand. Should these people be forced to ask for and wait to be granted a day off in order to celebrate International Workers' Day? No? Yes?
We have a problem with immigration now in our country. Foreigners still want in at the same rate as always, but we no longer trust them. Our xenophobia is back with a vengeance. We Whites are scared of anyone who doesn't look exactly like us. We can tell the difference between an Arab and a Mexican and a Malaysian, but we no longer trust any of them based merely on the fact that their skins are more similar to each others than to ours.
So, basically what? This Democratic notion that we Whites think we invented and patented has progressed very well in many areas. Too well, I guess. The plaque on the Statue of Liberty needs to come down. We no longer accept the tired and oppressed and hungry unless they can prove they will be raped and murdered back home. Sometimes, not even then. The exception to this would be any foreigner of royal, noble, wealthy or influential descent. Those people are always welcome, because they will buttress the top 5% of our income level and will most likely vote with the Establishment.
Remember the Wizard's First Rule: people are stupid. We can't allow poor people into our country, because they might vote for those politicians who side with the needy. And those politicians are the ones who are working to bring this mighty giant to its knees and revert it to secondary global status. Poor people vote for equal rights, expanded medicare, universal healthcare, living wages, workers' rights, HUD funding, contraceptive access, unemployment and welfare rights, ad nauseum. They are stupid and we can't allow them to control our God-given right to preeminence over all. This idea of a melting pot was obviously a bad one. Our Puritan identity is dissolving and becoming a bastard mulatto of a child.
And Bush is the one at the top pushing to decide what laws he should obey and what he should not. Based on what will keep his kind in power no matter the cost to the rest of us who make this nation run as it has so well for 300 years. All of the obstacles we've encountered, either through hate or ignorance, we've managed to overcome and move forward. But Bush (at the behest of those who control him) is making a strong run for autocracy. And this run will continue to punish all of us. So long as we let it happen. When it comes down to it, skin color really doesn't play. That cloud of smoke is just...a cloud of smoke. He and his will crush and alienate any who stand in its way of claiming total power at the expense of most who got it there. And the demise of those who didn't.
Is genocide tantamount to terrorism? No? Yes? Is it worse? No? Yes? Because I think that we are witnessing the birth of a new form of it here in America. This time, though, it's not merely racial. It's also political. And theological. In a sense, the Trifecta.

addendum: you can go here for most of Stephen Colbert's White House Press Correspondents' Dinner speech, but it shuts down right when he is announcing that Joe Wilson and wife are in the audience. Which I found to be verrrrrrry interestink. As for the speech, it's fun to listen in and find out what the attendees would laugh at and what they would not. By the middle of the speech Bush was looking decidedly not too cool about the whole idea. I have to wonder if the Bush folk truly thought that Colbert is a Right Winger based on his show persona. Well, now they know.


steph said...

thanks for the Colbert link...but the rest of the site pissed me off. "Amateur girl gives BJ..." is a coupla preteen dorks making a lousy film.

Okay, the girl who did the cath school girl striptease with the J-Lo butt, THAT was worth it, but dammit, if you're going to send links, send real porn!

Or do I hafta go to Solitaire's site for real action???

Zonthar said...

I'd like to see the rest of the Colbert thing- there was only one really good shot of Bush not smiling at all. I gotta say, I disagree (if you were serious, you merry prankster) that there's anything sinister about the moment it cuts off, since it happens to be exactly the 15 minute mark- more likely a video limitation somewhere. Since the WHCA books the guests and the President attends by tradition, I doubt the Bush folk had anything to do with Colbert, but perhaps some of them- if they're really, really dumb AND have never seen his show AND have never even heard of him- might have thought his character was real. Whatever. I'm still trying to figure out what voice he does on "Harvey Birdman".

scarysquirrelman said...

serious about the cutoff? not really. just thought it funny that it cut right at the intro to joe wilson and wife. there is a second part that i tried to post last night, but the buggering blogger started acting up and it was erased. i'll try again.
steph: if you don't like my porn sites, get your own damn ones. i'm tired of having to lead you by the nose to get you your jollies. sheesh. fine. go to solitaire. that would be just like you, you finicky little bitch. love ya. call me.

Zonthar said...

I didn't really think you were serious, but with you, one never knows.