Saturday, May 27, 2006

no rant tonight. instead, i'll let the king of detroit rock and roll mayhem do it for me. click on this and strap yourself in for a very hairy ride. and please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

SSM Back In The Neighborhizzle!

so this is my driveway. it extends for quite a while. then it stops.
unless you turn at the right moment. and stop.
the kitchen. of course. a horse. a horse.
the communal patio.
the private patio. with two grills, one orange tree, a loquat tree and plum tree.

hi. i'm back. so sorry you all had to do without me for an extended period of time. sucked for me, too. okay, not really. sbc's incompetence actually allowed me to spend a few days and evenings catching up on films i hadn't watched in a while. sunday's threepack of jersey girl, jay and silent bob strike back and dogma was a nice treat for a very hungover squirrel.
so, i'm back in the 'no and back online. the trip down was fairly noneventful aside from the cat peeing on itself 15 minutes into the drive, a 45 minute oregon refueling fiasco, no sleep until just below stockton on I-5, broken payphones at 4 rest areas in a row in northern california when i needed to call my new landlord to see if he could meet me the next morning to let me into my new place and arriving on the last sweltering day of the summer's first heatwave.
but now i have to go eat and sleep. in that order. i think. the weather's perfect, the breeze just right, how can one not want to nosh and nap?