Monday, September 15, 2008

Sarah Palin: Moose Knuckle Lover!

Sarah Palin: possibly the next in line to running the Free World (as we Americans continue to delude ourselves into believing).
Not having a clue as to what the Bush Doctrine is? Yup.
Blocking a clinic that provides the option of having an abortion? Evidently.
Convinced that humans walked with dinosaurs? Evidently (see above link to
Trying to ban a book that didn't condemn homosexuality? Possibly (see above link to
Believing that the End Times will happen before she dies? Definitely (see above link to
Supporting abstinence only sex ed in public schools while her own high school age daughter is pregnant and single? Double check.
Voting for Obama to keep this incompetent, unqualified liar and hypocrite out of higher government? Priceless.