Tuesday, October 24, 2006

dear SBC fuckheads,
when i told you back at the end of May this year when i was signing up for local phone service that i didn't need your long distance service (because i already HAD long distance service through a calling card) maybe you should have mentioned that you were going to call my service to let them know they should open a new account at my new number for me.
finding out about this 5 months down the line when i receive a collection notice isn't exactly the netflix surprise i tend to want.
also, finding out from MY company that you interpret my denial of your service as a request for someone else's service ain't all that cool either. i never requested anything. you asked me if i wanted your long distance service and i said "no, i'm happy with who i already have". end of discussion. you did not state that you would contact them to instigate new service at my new number. i even told you fuckwads that it was a calling card plan and i didn't want long distance attached to my phone. what about that didn't you understand???
fortunately, MY company (working assets) isn't out to rape the average consumer. it works with me and was able to delete almost all of the collection bill i received (i obviously agreed to pay for the two long distance calls that inexplicably made their way onto that bill from july). and it was as pissed off as i was that they had created a second account in my name based on the info you gave them.
i can only hope that you will instruct your sales reps from HERE ON OUT to inform prospective clients about this process you engage in. i understand creating some form of long distance service for people, but when someone tells you they already have service, maybe you need to stop and consider the ramifications (legally) of going behind their backs without consent.
i hope to hear from you on this matter with the comment that you have stopped this action.
hey, just for kicks, check out Heywood Banks "singing" Yeah Toast over on YouTube.

oh, and i just transferred my blog over to the beta version, which is why all of the thousands of you might now be having difficulty leaving me praise in the comments section. don't worry. i feel the love anyway...and still don't really care. cuz i'm cool. beta cool.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Espresso, Anyone?

note to self:
upon completion of watching documentary about serial killers, an episode of Cold Case and 25 minutes of Evil Dead, do one of two things:
1) drink excessive amounts of coffee so as to ensure a complete lack of sleep before the next working day, or
2) drink copious amounts of alcohol so as to avoid dreaming.

it's not that the dreams were scary. in fact, they were not. but they were very bizarre and disturbing. being stuck in the house of a madman while he kills everyone but me was (while educational) just the wrong place to be. plus, it's not amusing to be bound with packing tape and sent out to give his list of demands (which were never enunciated to me anyway).
then, being visited by a troupe of magicians who used nothing more than a pack of tarot cards to create their tricks and a gun to kill off the "volunteers" was (again while educational) also the wrong place to be.
odd odd odd and it took about 4 hours for the dreams to fragment enough that i could focus on work.
it is, however, always fun to try and figure out what external forces were at work putting together the previous night's dream.