Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Amazing Levitating Pith Post HNT

Some of you may know about the Almighty Pith and the way in which i loved it up in my last HNT. Some of you may know that it belongs to Lecram. Some of you may know that lately Lecram has been leaving his helmet behind when making a grand exit. none of you, however, know (until now) that I have unlocked its magical powers. I, yes I, have opened its little box of fairy dust and managed to create........The Levitating Pith!
Here in picture #1 you see me caressing its contours in order to coax out its witchy potential:

After a few minutes in which I called on the supernatural powers to help and guide me in my most mysterious and arduous task I was able to release the Pith and let float gently on the wings of my wind:
And, finally, I was able to recline and enjoy the awe of magic well done. Now you might be thinking I used some earthly mechanism to prop the pith aloft. Verily, though, i say to you that this pith touched not my body in any fashion. It is truly magic:
Thus ends this week's HNT. Thus continues the defiling and desacration of Lecram's Pith. Happy HNT, everyone!
P.S. According to a recent HNT post of Katie's I will only get my hat back if I do a full frontal HNT. I believe that this should qualify. What say all of you?
it's funny how when i start thinking of changing companies in search of better financial security my guts get all wiggly. but i sent out the emails with my resume that i needed to. now i only hope it isn't seven months before they even consider me. oh well. my current job isn't so bad as they go. it just doesn't pay very well for the skills i possess. certain among you may be used as references. so let me know now if that isn't a good thing to do. other than that, i got nothing. so i'm outta here.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


did donald "the fuck" rumsfeld just call me an appeaser? because i think this so-called war in iraq is a fuckup of the nth magnitude? because i think that invading iraq was something that was on the table long before 9/11 even happened? because i was yelling about the fact that none of the bush administration's arguments for invasion actually squared with the information coming out of any of the intelligence agencies? because, while i had nothing against going into afghanistan to root out al quaeda (since they were nested there and the taliban had publicly proclaimed its support for the group), i had just a teensy weensy little problemo with taking out saddam hussein under the totally crap guise of destroying his WMDs? which didn't exist in the first place and EVERYBODY in the intelligence community knew it? because i think that donald, dick and george don't care about stopping terrorism so long as it makes them and theirs lots and lots of money? because i'm convinced that george believes he is doing God's will by bringing about some kind of Armageddon in his lifetime? because i believe that adding "by killing people" to everything these "neocons" say makes what they say the truth (got that from jag)? because i believe that $212 million and more could be better spent securing our country than it could bombing and shooting iraq back to whatever came four ages before the Stone one? because i believe that power is first and foremost in the minds of these thugs who rule our country and couldn't care less about the concept of governance?
remember that those who rush to war and call others appeasers are usually, in fact, the very ones who should be feared the most.
do we need to protect ourselves from harm at this time in history? you bet. but at what time in history shouldn't we have? at what time in history did we not have enemies who would destroy our way of life given the chance? never. as soon as we declared independence from the english we had an enemy dedicated to our quick demise. as soon as we began landgrabbing we had enemies in the french and germans, then the indians and mexicans. any and all of them would gladly have slit our throats in order to rebalance the board as it were.
now we have an enemy who has decided to fight us here rather than over there (if you believe our administration) so we must fight THEM over THERE instead of here.
but we can't even take care of ourselves. we can't even stop fighting with ourselves over healthcare, gay marriage, hurricane katrina, south of the border immigration control, voting irregularities, alternative fuel sources, global warming, the minimum wage, race relations, blahblahblah...
if you want a country unified against a common foreign enemy, then unify it by coming together on those things that affect it in its daily life. come together in the spirit of everyone belonging to each other. come together, because we're all we've got when we get up in the morning and walk out our doors. we are all different, yet we all are the same. we are the same in our basic needs. we are different in how we approach them. we are the same in bits and bytes and stems and seeds. we are different in how we smoke it. we are the same in wanting the high that comes with being american and human.
so, donald, don't call me an appeaser. call me your brother who wants to walk a different path to the same destination.
you fuck.