Saturday, October 29, 2005

yes, virginia, there really is a traitor

want a good timeline of how our administration fucked themselves into a "wagons drawn into a circle" sort of thing while them damn unpatriotic liberals fling arrows at their buttocks? read this from the washington post.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

In Memorium: Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks died today at the age of 92. While some will claim she was merely doing what she was told to by militant blacks and was no forward-thinking hero, remember that she was the one who agreed to take her life in her own hands and make a stand. She could have said "no". She could very rightly have said that it was too dangerous for a black woman to make such a public demonstration of defiance. But she didn't. She was a simple living person who chose to take on the establishment. She chose to say "no" not to possibly foolhardy bravery, but to foolhardy ignorance. So, light a candle, say a prayer of thanks and remember to give that "seat on the bus" to someone less fortunate than you.