Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. "President",
I believe that, based on your new Terror Detainee guidelines, I should be arrested for being a terrorist sympathizer. I know people of dusky descent who are not enamored of your pogrom to eliminate any and all who disagree with its provisions. I have stood up with those who protest our so-called "war on terror". I vote Democrat. I sometimes help to feed the hungry and clothe the poor. I support Planned Parenthood. I am active in the artistic scene and back gay and lesbian movements. I work to educate those who support you and your lies by reading and disseminating accurate reports and facts about said lies (which include: the war in Iraq and its insugency; your ignorance of Afghanistan and the resurgence of the Taliban; your disregard for the rest of the world's opinion of what you do at the expense of the rest of the world; your approval of military incursions to Iran; your protection for pedophiles, racists, mysogynists; your work to help big businesses (i.e. Halliburton) reap obscene profits at the expense of middle and lower class Americans).
So, in order to further your agenda for enriching those who need no further enriching and impoverishing those who can stand no more impoverishing, and to keep me and my kind from pursuing the truth about your empirical and hitlerian fantasies, i must ask you to arrest me and put me into an unknown and unseen prison without access to lawyers or information on which you based your decision. Otherwise, I will continue to debase your name and legacy and seek out those who will stand by me in denouncing your "messianic" zealotry.
You say that only history will judge your Presidency, but I say that you are being judged right now and you are being found wanting and in contempt of everything this country has ever stood for.
So, bring your Secret Service to my door. Bring the FBI or the CIA. Search my computer records and my mail and my credit card statements. Question my friends and associates. Make them think that I am a National Security risk. Bring it on, I say. Because, until you have arrested each and every one of us who denounce your "moral superiority" and your so-called "third religious awakening" and your call to another Crusade, you will never truly be a leader of a united country no matter what you say or your minions do. And remember that Hitler only unified his country by killing millions of the unwanted and disagreeing until he had only those who feared him so much that they would not speak out...until he was beaten and then they all wanted to spit on his corpse. You won't be so lucky. You will retire from politics and have to listen for the rest of your life about all of your lunacy and ludicrousness. And I can only hope that you will go to bed each night and remember the number of innocent people who were killed or maimed by your juvenile, kneejerk decisions.
There is a reason State and Religion were required by our Founding Fathers to remain separate. And it is because they knew the two were incompatible. They knew from experience what happens when the two mix. It's a big part of the reason they left Europe. For you to not remember (or disregard) that lesson is enough in and of itself to impeach you.
But I digress. As I said before, you should probably arrest me for being an American Insurgent. I think you are a disgrace to my country and have helped bring shameon it. And I will continue to tell people that and to offer them the facts refuting any and everything you say, because all you do is lie.

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