Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i went to las vegas recently. i had been seduced by a nymph goddess patting among the water lilies somewhere down in the tower district on a tuesday in the afternoon sometime back in july as i walked from one drinking establishment to the next.

i told her at the time that i did not favor las vegas, because it was a den of iniquity, bed of sin, city of slots (umlaut over the "o").

she replied that the "(b)light in the desert" had changed and was now family friendly. roller coasters, aquariums, tiger and lion shows, atriums, covered titties and whatnot...

...so i went with her.

to her credit, i saw not one uncovered tittie...except...
...and i saw families. families i saw. saw i families. i...families...saw. big and small. black and white. yellow and swarthy. two legged and, uh, more legged. how to put this...

...las vegas is now so inclusive that families of all kinds, stripes and genuses are flocking to the Strip:

this hot momma was so protective of her children she actually sauntered while we stared. like she didn't care that she was dressed all in black and leatherish looking stuff. she was very protective and shiny. my nymph seductress was very pukish and not shiny at all even though she was the one who pointed this out.

and that's all you need to know about what happened on my vacation.