Saturday, May 26, 2007

why do the texans seem to have all the fun? tom craddick (speaker of the house) is holding onto his position by a thread by using parlimentary rules to not allow state senators to bring a vote to the floor to boot him. the parlimentarian resigned, democrats were physically restrained from speaking, craddick was booed when he called for a two hour recess to escape questions and more requests that he kiss his ass goodbye...california's soooooo boring... cool is this? in houston they have begun building and donating homes to injured vets to help them get back on their feet and take some of the financial load of their backs...
..."Houses on the south side fly American flags and cars with green Vermont license plates sit in the driveways. Across the street, a sign says "Arret" (French for "stop") and cars have white Quebec plates. Anyone who crosses the street without reporting to its customs houses can be prosecuted." it, want to live there...

Friday, May 25, 2007

I Love Email

Dear Speaker Pelosi,
While not a constituent of yours (different district) I am still a dirtborn resident of California. And I have questions for you as such:
1) Why, with all of the previous research done concerning alternative fuel, have you as Speaker not pushed into action any law dictating an aggressive attempt to fully introduce electric cars or hydrogen cars or hybrids that actually use much, much less petroleum than what is now being "considered"? Are you not aware that companies like Shell and Chevron buy up the patents to car prototypes like these and shelve them so as to not let them be made? Are you not, also, aware, that the electric car was actually put into production and sold to consumers only to be yanked off the streets for no reason (some car owners were even sent letters threatening them with legal action if they didn't hand the cars back to the maker)? There were no defects in these cars made public to my knowledge.Also, what, if any, defense can you give to the bills pushed through Congress that relate to hydrogen-powered cars? President Bush has merely planned for "research" during his tenure in office. That research has already been done. It's been proven to work and economically at that.
2) The Earth is bombarded with more solar energy in one hour than it would take to provide for its energy concerns in an entire year. We, of course, could never harness anywhere near that amount on a real-time basis, but I see almost no news of solar power being used in our country on a comprehensive scale. Why are we not introducing large-scale solar panels to cities and populations in an effort to combat our dependence on heating oil?
3) Wind power is the cheapest power commodity there is. It takes no electricity or oil to run the turbines that generate electricity. There is only the initial cost and susequent maintenance to be considered. Why is this avenue not being aggressively pursued?If you truely want out of Iraq and all subsequent wars based a need for fossil fuel, then you need to look immediately for answers already etched in decades of proven research and positive results.If you merely want to try and throw egg in the President's face in order to "look good" to those you think voted you into office or those over whom you now preside, then by all means keep jerking his chain over Iraq as a moral issue while you do nothing to get us out. But if you're serious...then hear the woe of the People's pocketbook and look to staunch the blood flowing therefrom. Most of us can't afford to care about a war in another country. Most of us will never know someone who died "over there". We don't have the time or the energy to expend on that sort of grieving. What we need in order to get us back on our feet and feeling good about our country, our Congress, and our President (whoever he may actually be) is some good, old-fashioned positive movement on the economical scale. Positive movement on the moral scale wouldn't be that bad, either, but let's start with our pocketbooks and our faith in Government.I am a lifelong liberal and I supported your ascendence into your current position of power, but I can see no difference between now and a year ago other than a lot more squabbling and posturing.You serve me as well as millions of others on both sides of the political aisle. Do something to save us from an infinite struggle for the one energy commidity that can never be renewed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

(allegedly) at the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California:

if you can't see it, then it's just too late for you....