Wednesday, December 06, 2006

left a comment with a blogger friend today that made me think about my blog and just why i still cling to it. and i can't come up with a validating reason. i don't write for you. never did. i started this to write for myself and vent my political unhappiness. but that doesn't work anymore. and i don't feel a need to tell you little details about my daily life. so, i think i'll make a new move with this blog and let it ride for a while. honestly, it's gotten to be boring and almost obligatory in that i must blog in order to increase my total number of posts. and that's just stupid and masturbatory.
i'll be back. probably sooner than later and all four or five of you can then revel in the unmitigated orgasmal ecstasy i used to provide on a regular basis.
until then, (in the immortal words of snoop dogg) lick me.