Monday, October 23, 2006

Espresso, Anyone?

note to self:
upon completion of watching documentary about serial killers, an episode of Cold Case and 25 minutes of Evil Dead, do one of two things:
1) drink excessive amounts of coffee so as to ensure a complete lack of sleep before the next working day, or
2) drink copious amounts of alcohol so as to avoid dreaming.

it's not that the dreams were scary. in fact, they were not. but they were very bizarre and disturbing. being stuck in the house of a madman while he kills everyone but me was (while educational) just the wrong place to be. plus, it's not amusing to be bound with packing tape and sent out to give his list of demands (which were never enunciated to me anyway).
then, being visited by a troupe of magicians who used nothing more than a pack of tarot cards to create their tricks and a gun to kill off the "volunteers" was (again while educational) also the wrong place to be.
odd odd odd and it took about 4 hours for the dreams to fragment enough that i could focus on work.
it is, however, always fun to try and figure out what external forces were at work putting together the previous night's dream.

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Katie :) said...

I am never again wishing you sweet dreams