Saturday, May 06, 2006

Jaun Cole

My obsession with Stephen Colbert and the fallout of his night on the town isn't ending yet. Here's a very good editorial about that night and the hypocricy surrounding most of the people attending.
Juan Cole takes it to Christopher Hitchens for being a yellow weasel. Strong, strong comment about the right wing push to annihalte Iran without legitimate provocation. Plus, Cole's nudge about Hitchen's drinking problem. But to get jaun Cole so pissed off that he attacks back with strong language means someone went off the deep end ethically. Cole is as moderate a Liberal as there is. he tries always to be a peacemaker. While he holds to his beliefs, he also tries to take into account always the other side of the argument. This column is a radical departure. Enjoy.
Now, good night.


Zonthar said...

One thing that seems to be overlooked by many people on both sides of this Colbert controversy is that the guy was hired to do his act, and that's exactly what he did. Was it ballsy and hilarious? Yes. Was it delicious to watch Bush squirm? Oh yes. Was it rude? Only in a good way. But more than anything, he was just doing his act. What the hell did they expect him to say? Unlike many of the performers they've brought into the WHCA dinners, Colbert is not a stand-up comic who can tailor his jokes to the crowd at hand, or even just a performer known for his own personality. Even Jon Stewart (who has appeared) essentially plays himself on TV. But Colbert's entire persona, his bread-and-butter, is his idiot-neocon character. That's his act. That's what he does. He was hired to do his act. That's what he did. And Bush and his cronies and assorted supporters, the same bunch of self-righteous fuckwads who laughed themselves silly over that picture of a crying baby labeled "Seal of the Democratic Party" that was in everyone's email inbox after the 2000 election, can't take a few well-aimed barbs without being outraged. Really, if you look closely at the material, Colbert's act, while being hilarious and brilliantly satirical, wasn't that vicious or out of line anyway. It wouldn't have even made the cut at a Friars Club roast. Plus half of the topics had already been brought up in Bush's officially approved self-mocking act earlier, so they were certainly not off-limits. But Colbert is so devastatingly good at what he does that everyone felt eviscerated. Again, what did anyone expect? It's his act and he's good at it. Buncha fucking whiners.

scarysquirrelman said...

whoa! slow down there, little fella. breathe deep and turn that frown upside down.
and what's with the gutter talk? this is a family-friendly blog.
dirty fucking little commie. poodle pumper.