Wednesday, May 03, 2006

3 Balls above His Head

Oh, you just gotta read what the Rude Pundit has to say today. Oh fuck it's funny.

So, is this court case in line with me being handed a "ten step program to better management" pamphlet that uses Psalms as its basis? Can I make him stop? Not that I would want to. It amuses me when co-workers approach me with management styles rooted in the Bible. Since I prefer to think that the Bible teaches anarchy when it comes to conformity and visulizing material gain. And it helps me to understand who all takes their jobs waaaaaay too seriously. I mean if you have that much need for bestseller metaphysical control over your work environment then you need to step away from the conference table and toward the waterbong.

Oh crap. Maybe you've seen this video. Maybe not, don't care. Chris Bliss juggles to the Beatles. Phenomenal. No other word. 'Simple' three ball tossing, but done to Golden Slumbers and into the finale of Abbey Road. Oh, it's worth it. Did I say fuck yet? Here: it's fucking great.

And one more note on Stephen Colbert: someone else in the blogosphere gets it. (yeah yeah, there's not only one. There's probably like three or four)
Bush thought he was going to la-di-da his way through a Rotary Roast and come out feeling all gushy and popular. What he got was a ke-bab-ing. And about time, too. Calvin Coolidge began this tradition for a reason. The reason was to let the "public" as it were remind us and the President that he is human. That he works a job and gets paid by us and he should never forget that we are his employer...okay, maybe that's not why this all started, but it shoulda been. people in power tend to forget what it might have been like before the Power. Bush never had to. Born into privilege, he has always walked above. On this night, he was brought back to Earth with more force and swiftness than Icharus melting in the Sun. Good on ya, Stepho.

In case you weren't yet convinced that Karl Rove may be somewhat out of toouch with those of us who face the mortgage wrath or the I'll-rent-'til-I-die regime, here's your opportunity.


steph said...

Oh. My. Gawd.

Chris Bliss is my new hero.

One short day after Stephen Colbert was my hero.

thanks for the linkage...

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