Saturday, April 29, 2006

saturday night slights

Heh. "Mission Impossible III" just got its first review.

Heh. So did Bush. Note, please, the difference between that article and this one. I do hope that the free Iraqis had time to watch the show and get a good chuckle or two since most of them are not working at the moment.

"There will be more tough fighting ahead in Iraq and more days of sacrifice and struggle," he [Bush] cautioned. "Yet, the enemies of freedom have suffered a real blow in recent days, and we have taken great strides on the march to victory." Really? What, pray tell, might those great strides be? Another partisan ruling party? The new rumors of partitioning the country into three states which separate the three main ethnic factions?

Love her or hate her, Susan Sarandon has been one of very, very few famous people (um, liberal ones, that is) to stick by her guns since she first strapped them on. Jane Fonda won't even speak out, because she fears she "carries too much baggage from the Vietnam war". For this I applaud Ms. Sarandon.

In the New Yawk Times there is a quick and poorly written editorial about a book recently published, which claims that Saddam's cooperation with the UN concerning weapons inspections actually helped the U.S. solidify its beliefs that Saddam was, in fact, not cooperating. That part I have no problem believing. What isn't written about in this editorial is that the UN inspectors were not kicked out by Saddam prior to our invasion. Rather, they were told to leave by us on the pretext that we were about to start bombing and we couldn't vouch for their safety. They were in Iraq and being given full cooperation by Saddam. No more "escorts", no more written itineraries beforehand. Full and unfettered access. But, if you remember, Bush claimed that they were still being misled and distracted by Saddam and that's why we knew he had WMDs hidden and why he was in violation of various UN sanctions.

As part of its routine Friday night dump (this is the evening which the White House knows is the best time of the weel to issue press statements, because most news agencies are done for the week since no one watches the news on Friday or Saturday and all of it will be old news by Monday) our administration let this SBD out. Now, I don't know that I necessarily have a problem with foreign companies owning American based work. What I find a little disturbing, though, is that (just like the nullified Port Authority deal) this is a British company selling to a Dubai company. What's going on here? Do we own anything anymore? Should we just outsource everything (including the Administration) and take up sportfishing fulltime? I just can't figure this out. I love trade among countries. It's good for competition, which is good for quality, which is good for keeping consumer prices fairly reasonable. But it seems we're no longer trading. We're abdicating. We are watching our job security and our futures being sold off to the highest bidders no matter which country they may live in. So long as it isn't ours. We scream about how migrants and illegal aliens are doing massive damage to medicare and welfare and minimum wages, but we do nothing to stop the outflux of regular jobs to foreign multi-nationals. We claim we don't want them here. They're taking jobs away from decent natural-born Americans. But we sit by and say nothing as our governemnt okays massive selloffs of entire companies and industries to foreign countries. Is it just me or does this balance seem slightly askew?

P.S. Page 54 of GetYourWarOn is up. Some of the sickest comicstrip shit you'll see this side of reality. Check it out, yo.
Plus, the WarNerd is back with a new expose. In case you haven't been reading my posts, he is a native of the 'No and writes for a very unPC Russia-based newszine. Good stuff no matter which side of the fence is rubbin' your crotch the bestest.

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