Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Movin' On

Thanks for the nice words everybody. It seems that I did my grieving when Gramma first collapsed and it was expected that she wouldn't last even as long as she did. Fortunately, she had a chance to regain her senses for a bit and my Aunt Ann had some time in which to talk with her before Gramma faded away.
But enough of that. I think Gramma will forgive me for moving on with my blogging.

Have you heard of these idiots? Evidently, protesting the war isn't enough. These "people" seem to think that protesting at the funerals of slain soldiers is proper etiquette, because (as they put it) the soldiers are fighting for a country that condones homosexuality. I've been aware of this for about a month now. Finally, a governor has passed a law that prevents them from coming any closer than 500 feet of a cemetary funeral. There is also a group of biker vets who station themselves between these freaks and the funeral services in order to deter these slimeballs. Sheesh. Why is it that the radical fundies can't just stay and pull the blinds? Or simply refuse to do business with anyone they don't approve of? Like the crapola headline making over Terri Schiavo and her husband's bid to let her die in peace. Which doctors eventually proved was the right choice once they'd done an autopsy and found that most of her brain was oatmeal. Just like they had said it was all along. Note to self: write note to self about how no one is allowed to circumvent or change personal decisions about how I want to be allowed to die if I ever get to the point that I cannot live without artificial means. But where was I? Oh yes: the morons. God is killing these soldiers, huh? Says who? And why'd God wait so long? There have been Gays in this country since it was founded by our bible-thumping Caucasian ancestors, um, (counting on fingers and toes) a really, really long time ago. Was God saving it all up for one big blow-out KMart special massacre? Or does really care so long as you believe and follow? I wouldn't know. Why do they?

I think we should learn a lesson from some of this. Maybe not all, but definately from the fact that a People can make a difference if it speaks with one voice. While no one People is ever truly without factions and their dissonent demands, great things can happen when communication and cooperation are achieved. Nepal may not stand as is, most likely it won't, but for a moment they can celebrate and bask in the joy of knowing that a loud enough voice can make the mighty quake.

He tried to avoid war with Iraq "diplomatically to the max". Wha...??? And if he had it to do over again, he would. And the Almighty guides his hand in foreign policy. This is the man who helms our ship. This man is a prime example of why some captains were forced to walk the plank. Were he Odysseus he wouldn't have made it past the Sirens. I take that back, he would never have made it past the farewell feast. A forest of arrows would have perforated his heart halfway through his speech. To the max. Jeez, no one even says that anymore. How out of touch can one person be? Not only on the realities of war, foreign policy and running a country, but on street lingo. Is this guy's brain stuck in a formaldahyde jar in some dusty old frat house? Does he think that using the phrase "to the max" makes him sound hip? Or is that the extent of his vocababerry? My goodness. I can't wait to see the presidential library that is created for his notes. It'll make Zoolander's School For Kids Who Can't Read Good seem like the Taj Mahal of literacy.

Former National Security Advisor Zibiga-, Znibre-, Zanibr-, um, let's just call him Chipoodle, warns against attacking Iran without some sort of legal reason and without the consent of Congress. He actually--gasp!-says such an attack would be worthy of impeachment. However, Donald the Duck Rumsfeld is now claiming that attacking Afghanistan and Iraq was part of a larger strategy aimed at curbing Iran's "extreme impulses". Really? Hmmm, don't remember that as a justification during the runup to either one. I remember mushroom cloud, WMDs, links to al-quaeda and 9/11, Valerie Plame, male prostitute posing as a White house reporter, porn actress invited by the White House to a Bush fundraiser, secret detention camps, torture, wiretapping, paying off the Press, "you're either with us or against us", two "stolen" elections, massive surpluses turned into even more massive deficits, tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy, record high gas prices. But no Iran. Now, it's Iran. Go figure. This is not to say that Iran wouldn't love to flop a nuke in Israel's or our direction given the chance. But I doubt they would do it for the same reason we haven't done it. Bad PR. Very bad. Plus, they throw one at us, we throw 50 back. It would be a one shot deal for them and any other country within a 25,000 mile cicumference. Which is roughly the size of, oh say, the Earth. As an example. Hypothetically speaking, of course, because there is no way to judge the size of the Earth since it is flat and the center of the Universe. According to NASA's new leader. And Ann Coulter. And Rush Limbaugh. And Sean Hannity. And Bill O'Reilly. And whoever is in charge of the EPA this month. And God according to those who obviously know. And the idiots who want to protest at funerals.
Which brings us full circle (unlike the flat Earth). And it is time for me to stop and get back to Blade II. Man, do I love this movie series. Completely gross, uber-violent and good kinky fun. Plus, it's all true.

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