Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Night Fights

i don't know how this happened. i remember hanging out at home, playing on the computer and throwing thumper off my lap. but i believe this is one of the reasons i tend to not answer my phone.
so, there i was deep in the home when the phone rang. it was across the room and off home base. i paused...then went for it. the voice said to meet at livingstone's for happy hour. i complied. then to veni's. then back to livingstone's. then to my place for drinks and whatnot.
and somehow...just somehow...i end up with an artist sleeping on my front porch. whatever happened to the glamour of it all? where is the foggy bottom of the mystery? why won't the snoring stop?
yeah, it was a round of drinking and i had about 6. so?
all i wanted was a good home. i had that, traded it for something else, went there...twice...before i eased up and set boundaries. and thought of the general in strangelove who is all about protecting our bodily essenses and fluids.
after that, i had to piss.
now, here i am. getting ready to watch the rest of million dollar baby. it's friday night fights, you know.


lecram sinun said...

a porch squatter, huh? if only I was so lucky to live the glamorous life you lead. all I have are bitches out my door.

airplanejayne said...

hmmmm, Spam and spam. eggs and spam, spam and eggs, SSM and spam, spam and SSM.

Captain Whiffle said...

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