Thursday, August 25, 2005

Depleted Uranium, Spam and The Boer

i've talked about this before, written to the paper to get the word out, researched it and put out the word via email. so, i'm not one bit surprised that soldiers are coming home sick from radiation poisoning. the number of tons of depleted uranium dumped on iraq this time around as reported by this article is even higher than experts predicted before the war began. however, the number of tons dropped in the first "war" is less (as reported by this article) than the actual truth. 1000 metric tons during the first bush war. soldiers from that war are still living through pain, chemo or have died. a workmate of mine in seattle had to have his gall bladder removed because of it and will spend the rest of his life on a very restricted diet. experts have estimated that somewhere around 500,000 iraqi children have died or will die from the D.U. "given" to them in 1991. now, we've left another 3000 or more tons. but, come on folks. do you expect any less from a government that claims our freedom is held together only because we are so "vigilant"? that is a military jingo. the truth is that once the the makers of uranium found out that D.U. would work well as projectiles they realized a very profitable alternative to storing it until its half life had passed. and damn researching any potential harm to anyone. so, iraq is now the most contaminated country on this planet. i wouldn't be surprised if it "glows" hot on xray pics from space. but we'll never know. those are government/military satellites that take those photos.
Radioactive Wounds of War
Tests on returning troops suggest serious health consequences of depleted uranium use in Iraq

as for my great spam incident, it seems those whose blogs i visited and told to stay off my site have for the nonce. i don't relish having to resort to a password in order to comment on my blog. my shit just ain't that important. i'd rather bow out of this hobby if it gets too annoying. i only started it, because my friend generik told me to get my own lack of a life and stop sending him shit he couldn't post. and he knew i wanted to rant. so, we'll see. if spam is the blog meat of the future...well, i'll continue to annoy them right back until i get tired or they go away.

And we mean to be top dog still. Bow-wow.
Yes, we mean to be top dog still.
a fascinating article from europe about us and the similarities to britain after the Boer War. it even comes with a final warning to those who would gloat.

p.s. one os the spammers i left a polite little comment with has been hit by two more regular bloggers, so i'm not the only one taking an actively hostile approach. ya mon.


Mustang said...

The most interesting part about DUR's is that there original target, Soviet (not Russian) tanks, would have been in the USSR. Another "evil empire" that apparently it would have been OK to irradiate, just in a more passive/aggressive way...

SSM..find phone, push buttons..


scarysquirrelman said...

mustang, found phone and buttons, push which ones?

Mustang said...

Ah..damn I forgot..I was too busy findin' my Super Hero name...

DOC CYCLONE...almost as good as The Mighty Fandango, but that was taken.

You at work tommorrow?


scarysquirrelman said...

today IS tomorrow and, uh, no i'm not. i'm home. call me, big boy.