Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Previous Post Addendum

in case you missed this little tidbit in the previous post's article, i'll replay it. because it seems this a law that our local government has not been enforcing. the word "require" is defined by the Webster's Dictionary as meaning: order, command; to demand as necessary or essential. seems pretty straightforward. require equals law. and the law sits above the elected. the law protects the land on which we stand. have the mayors and councilpeople been making deals with developers to keep the fees low and get certain buildings and businesses built in the districts? who knows? no one at city hall besides tom boyagian seems to be speaking in terms other than "hey man, this is how you get to be number one".

For years, successive mayors, city managers, development directors and city councils failed to raise the fees even to keep up with inflation. Such an increase is required every year under municipal code.

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