Sunday, August 21, 2005

May the god of your choice bless you.

One of my favorite musician/songsters is running for Governor of Texas on an independent long shot ticket. If he wins it would be the first reason I've ever found for moving to that state. When a gentleman can pen songs like "Asshole From El Paso" and "We Reserve the Right To Refuse Service to Anyone" and "Ride 'Em Jewboy" (a song about the Holocaust) as well as pro-choice songs, love ballads, satire about women's rights, mystery novels that are damn funny and insightful; when Lyle Lovett says that this gentleman was a big influence on his career; when said gentleman can call Willie Nelson his next "Energy Czar" and tout "No Teacher Left Behind", support gay marriage because "they should have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us", thinks the Ten Commandmants should be put back in schools but retitled as the Ten Suggestions, isn't against the death penalty but is against putting-the-wrong-damn-guy-to-death penalty, then I'm firmly on the side of Kinky Friedman--a man I was fortunate enough to see in Seattle in the mid 90's. If he wins, I could finally begin to show the Lone Star state some respect. The New Yorker wrote a wonderful essay about Kinky's run for Governorship and I highly recommend it.
If, of course, you are not convinced of his potential for Governorhood, then I recommend you go here and read some of his (in)famous thoughts. Salt of the earth, damn randy, and cats are highly respected.


EugeneONeillWannaBe said...

Why, thank you. Said blessing from said (unmentioned but heretofore neverhteless referred-to) God has indeed been requested for such blessing, and methinks said blessing is underway...

But the main reason for said contact tonite is to inquire: What's up with the Roches reference? Do ya really like 'em? If so, why?

Inquiring NY minds wanna know.


Lelly said...

He's got my vote. I assume the title of your post is also one of his quotes? An Irish comedian Called Dave Allen used to sign off his TV show by saying '...and may your god go with you'
err not quite sure why I mentioned that! ANYWAY, you're a bright boy..d'ya like quizzes?...try THE WORLD'S EASIEST QUIZ on my blog! (puh-leez?)

scarysquirrelman said...

love the roches. best trio ever (excluding the kingston).
lelly, the title is indeed one of his quotes. it's something he leaves people with from time to time. kinky is a hell of an american, because he represents no party. he walks his own path. but he is not an asshole. he listens and learns. not something most of our leaders do.