Monday, August 22, 2005


after some thought of tonight's transpirations i must add and/or refute something. the site to which i referred earlier this evening on lecram's blog contains three things: photographs of dead people in iraq and afghanistan, links to pornography, and comments from people who have viewed the photographs. i said it was disgusting before. i must amend that. the photos are not disgusting. they are graphic and disturbing. they are horrific. but they are not disgusting. they show the truth of what is happening. the horror. the insanity. and the senselessness. all of those show people who died. for whatever reason. for no reason. doesn't matter. they're dead and no one is any happier because of it, not in the long run.
and i wanted to say that linking these photos to pornography is disgusting, but i can't do that. the link makes sense. both are pornographic. we look at what we hope never to see personally and make judgements. and we publicly condemn what we internally seek and make judgements. and we continue to get more of both. irony? probably not.

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lecram sinun said...

What really offends me is that the site offers soldiers stationed in Iraq access to the "adult" content in exchange for photos of "kills."