Sunday, August 28, 2005


why is it when i let friends get me lubricated i always seem to agree to impossible bets? i don't always know if i did agree, but it sure does seem like it. so, here i am again wondering how in the hell i'm going to come up with twenty pages of a horror story in 20 days. shit, just thinking about it is a horror story.
man, i either gotta sober up or stop reading the mail. both of them together promote dizziness.
i should explain. no, that would be bad. let me fabricate. you know the cute little booger from e.t.? the one with the jedi finger? what if he had hidden fangs? what if the other cute little booger (drew barrymore) was actually a baby werewolf? and she attacked e.t. in front of his friends? what if a nation of e.t.'s then descended on our planet and proceeded to poke and touch us with their fingers? and we submitted? and tried to kill all of the werewolves (except for baby drew)?
well, this is not going to be that story. this story is going to be...


Mustang said...

..and what if Sandra Bullock was attached by a huge snake, and than a radioactive two-headed George Bush, and lastly chased through downtown Chowchilla by a gang of rabid chinchilla herder's bent on domination of the southeastern-central portion of Fresno County?


lecram sinun said...

... a guy who goes over to a buddy's house for a few drinks and when they are drunk enough one challenges the other to write a 20 page horror story which freaks the one who has been challenged who then posts what just happened to him on a blog in an effort to avoid said challenge and....

scarysquirrelman said...

both of you might as well take the quiz i posted a few days ago. you might do better. oh yeah, lecram already did and failed in spectacular fashion. and it's not a 20 page horror story, it's the first 20 pages of a horror story (although mine may turn into a complete story within said number). and i can't write any story with sandra being attached by a huge snake and keep it in the horror genre...unless, of course, it's someone else's huge snake. which i damn well won't write.

airplanejayne said...

The Lady with the Flashlight Eyes.

scariest serial nightmare I ever had!!It spanned 3 years of my life, and 2 states!

contains no Sandra Bullock, no snakes, no Bush, and no buddy's.

just me and a Lady who can get into your house from anywhere else by interconnected cupboards. She wants to kill me because she (mistakenly) thinks that I killed her son.

So she chases me with a butcher cleaver.

Oh -- and at night her eyes become giant fly eyes that glow in the dark.

Oh yeah -- and then I saw her in real life at a shop in a different town and state!!!!

scarysquirrelman said...

now that's good. and probably true.
APJ: i bestow upon you the award from my earlier quiz.