Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oxycontin, Anyone?

we've talked about and linked to sick sites in the past. we've discussed the horrors of war and seen the graphic images. we've read the comments of those who don't see the dead as human. well, this site is a video clip. and it comes not from iraq or afghanistan or any of the many hotspots around the world. rather, it comes from seattle, a city i know well and love. it's a home video of two men being beaten outside a nightclub. most of it is the aftermath as the chickenshit "winners" stand around and pose for each other.
what's worse to me, though, is that these two men are soldiers back from iraq and rightwing nuts like rush limbaugh are telling people that they were attacked by anti-war leftists. in fact, their dates had been groped, they took offense and were beaten for it. they weren't in uniform and wore nothing to identify themselves as military. i'll wager that most of the thugs shown in the video don't even vote.

From the August 26 edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show:
LIMBAUGH: One final story before we go to the break. For those of you who still have an open mind about the anti-war left in this country, this story is out of Seattle. "Two soldiers who just returned from a year in Iraq were badly beaten in an attack outside Pioneer Square in Seattle. But, believe it or not, someone caught the beating on videotape and now police are asking for help identifying the suspects. The brutality of it all was captured on tape outside of Larry's Nightclub on First and Yesler on July 31. Police say the victims were with two women who had been groped by the suspects. One of the women threw a hotdog at the suspects and walked away. But they didn't get very far. The three suspects ran after then, began attacking the two men -- two soldiers who'd come home from Iraq. The graphic videotape shows both victims getting beaten over and over again and then after one of the victims loses consciousness, a suspect starts stomping on his head. Now, the cops want your help in catching these guys. Seattle Police Officer Sean Whitcomb said, 'We consider them very dangerous.' After not getting any leads, the Seattle police have just released the video to the media, even though it happened over three weeks ago."
I think it's been on television starting last night, so the video's been seen. "But clubs and business that the Seattle newspaper spoke with" -- ah, actually -- yeah, KOMO-TV is what this is -- have just received -- "wonder why the police waited for almost a month before making the tape public. Both victims suffered broken jaws. One suffered a broken arm. Both had other broken bones and several bruises." And the [KOMO] website published some still shots of the suspects from the, from the video. So, ah, once again, ah, the anti-war left, claiming to be a peace movement, illustrates itself to be anything but.

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