Tuesday, May 09, 2006

T Minus Three and Counting

You thought it was over, but you're wrong. One more comment on the mighty mighty Stephen Colbert. Steph-o!

It's easy for many of us to forget those affected by hurricane Katrina. it's last year's story and so many more scandals and disasters have happened since. It's nice to know that some journalists are still working to remind us that this most devastating tragedy is not yet behind us and may not be for years to come.

Tony Blair has announced he will be stepping down from his most exalted post earlier than anticipated. He and his party have been rocked by scandal and gaining lack of public support for some time now, but things became inestimably worse when Jack Straw was sacked and word leaked out that it was due primarily to the influence of George "heckuvajob" Bush and one phone call. I have no idea which party would lead England in a better direction than they face now, but it will be distinctly interesting to watch the fall-out over Blair's veryveryvery close ties to our President whose approval ratings just dropped to 31%, let me say that again with another poll's backing-31%, second lowest only to Nixon and Carter. And Carter's ratings bungee-plummeted only because Reagan and his boys were making deals with Tehran during the campaign to not free our citizens until after the vote.

Bush's Fish Story. And, yes, there is a German paper that reported his interview. Some bloggers are asking the question: is he that much of a liar? I respond with: no, he's that much of a boy king moron. And if that's the highlight, ohmyfreakinggoodness, there's not much in the vein of positive news concerning his presidency that even he can conjure up.

Bush says that the Taliban are not terrorists. Just out (well, not so much just out as I'm just getting around to writing about it) is the annual list of those assholes who don't like us and made some sort of pact to show us their dislike by killing one or more of us in a concerted effort. You know, the Liberals. Just kidding. Seriously, I'm somewhat stumped as to how Liberals didn't make that List. But the Taliban are not on there. In another article was a quote from some administration wonk that the Taliban were made up mostly of normal, common, everyday Afghan men who just wanted their homeland back. Not like all those damned Iraqis, I mean insurgents, I mean foreign agitators, I mean effing terrorists not from Saudi Arabia or Dubai.

Do I dare to pretend I understand any monetary bill coming out of Washington an any given day? No, I don't. The legalese used to wrap an enigma in a riddle in a word jumble makes mincemeat of my 140 IQ mind (yeah, that's right. 140. Was told that by an online site the third time I took the test. And I only paid thrice, so there). Do I think that the Republicans, knowing that their control of the government is extremely shaky, will do pretty much anything to reward their benefactors before it's too late? Yes, I do. As any good crony government would do when it thinks it might be on the way out. Line the coffers, boyos. After all, your careers aren't over, just the job titles on your business cards.


Zonthar said...

I used to like Tony Blair. It's been very disheartening to see him turn into Bush's lapdog. He must kick himself every day for having gotten himself and his political fortunes so intractably hitched to President Moron. On and after 9/11, when Bush was looking like the proverbial deer in headlights and making idiotic Old West references, Tony Blair was the one who was making the most eloquent, heartfelt, stirring statements of righteous rage. It was so nice to see a leader who actually spoke English, for one thing- it made me really, really wish that I could vote for him for something. And then he turned into Bush Jr., I think much to his own horror. Sad.

lecram sinun said...

zonthar, after you left #10... it's never been the same.