Friday, May 12, 2006

Free At Last

um...i made it. i'm free sort of at last. no more bad boss. just a sad boss. his loss. today actually went relatively quickly. i had enough work to keep me occupied, then i read a book for the last two hours. i seem to have not met everyone's expectations, though. no one thought i would show up today. so, i saw looks of amazement and chagrin. a few of them may have lost bets.
i did receive kind words and thanks from all but He Who Shall Not Be Named. while my time here was short i did manage to make a difference in the eyes of the technicians. so, that makes me feel good. now that i think about it, everyone who had a reason to come into the office did stop to thank me. except bill. but he's, well, in his own orbit around the planet Anger. penn was the best. he knew exactly why i chose to leave and understood. he's worked with HWSNBN for a number of years and has seen him alienate many people. penn and i got along very well. he's the type of inspector who never talks down to anyone who might not be as experienced as he is. he will simply use smaller words. he enjoys teaching and mentoring. he's the kind of inspector i wish i could replicate ten times and have as my entire field staff. aaron, robert, john, tim and james all were very kind.
jon can kiss my ass. he is a ladder climber who will say one thing to you and another behind your back. but he was useful, because he's a snitch. i found i could feed him stuff in "confidence" knowing it would go straight to HWSNBN.
but that's all over. now, i go back to being a technician and arguing only with the dirt that is given to me. oh, another fun thing today: one of my old co-workers from down in the 'No called me for help on some asphalt testing. i was able to get her past the problems over the phone in about 30 minutes and it felt great to feel like a troubleshooter again. i haven't been asked to use my testing experience in some time.
but anyway. it's friday and i'm free. i may come back on later for political meanderings and whatnot. for now, gluck gluck gluck. burp. scratch. gluck gluck gluck.

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