Thursday, May 11, 2006

T Minus One

Am I just charmaliscious or what? I scored a $50 Visa gift card out of the SBC operator just by being my normal beautiful self. And the DSL modem is free. So, I have a new address, new phone number and DSL service when I get back to the 'No. APJ, ETA is next Thursday evening. I plan to do an almost straight through drive with the help of Exedrin Migraine (all the pain relief, twice the caffeine) with time to stop off somewhere and hit 756 homers in less than an hour. Tweaked when I get there? Oh yes. Needing help to unload the furniture? Definately. Happy to be back someplace where culture isn't a foreign word? Priceless. Moving away from my current boss? Pinch me. Wait, don't . If this is a dream I don't want to wake up.
Happy to be back with my old landlord. Endless thanks to Lecram for hooking me up with him in the first place three years ago. You gotta love a landlord who frequents your drinking establishments and insists on buying you one or two every time. And isn't hung up on "the rent is due by this day or you get charged extra". And doesn't even want a security deposit. But does take good care of the place. Of course, he does have amazingly responsible renters like me. When I moved out of my last place in the 'No before moving up here I realized I couldn't get the place totally cleaned before leaving (mostly because I let the moving guys take my vacuum cleaner two days before). So, I left a sixpack of good beer in the fridge along with some of my mom's homemade jam with a note to apologize about the pile of dust and stuff I'd swept into a corner. He liked it.
So, now I have an address that has to have the letter R or word Rear put on it in order for me to get mail. Cool. Make the joke, dear readers. Make the joke.
Now, one more day of work to get through. Today, my boss came through the lab and stopped as if he just remembered something and asked "So, your last day is still, um, tomorrow?". As if he'd forgotten. The message there was very simply "I'm trying to make you think that I truely don't think you're still here". Then he told me he wanted a "synopsis" of how the lab stands and what needs to be done by the time I leave. This guy is such a piece of work. He is in a panic to replace me, but won't speak with me unless it's to report a problem he has with me. And he won't include me in the steps needed to be taken in order to provide a smooth transition. He hasn't even interviewed anyone for my position. Why? Because he sat on his ass until it became a crisis.
Will I get a going-away lunch tomorrow? No. Will I get a thank-you-for-what-you've-done-and-can-we-still-be-friends moment? No. I will come in and do my work as I normally would and leave at 5 pm in order to get a free ride with the dispatch woman. I don't know that I even want to shake his hand if it's offered.
I found out very recently that he has illegally abused my salary position. I've said nothing. I don't know what to say or what I want to do about it. I know I'm going to make sure that the person who replaces me can't be taken advantage of in this way. Whether I ask for compensation for all of the extra hours worked is still a question turning on the spit in my mind.
But tomorrow is my last day! I'm so looking forward to working. I can do whatever I want. I can tell him to go fuck himself and there's nothing he can do. My transfer is complete and Clovis wants me back. I won't tell him anything, of course, but it will be nice to see him twist if there's anything he needs to speak to me about.
Anyhoo, I'm going to watch a movie now and drink a beer.


lecram sinun said...

Oh... OK... we're still having a "welcome back" for you on Wednesday. We'll tell you how it went Thursday.

Lelly said...

"he has illegally abused my salary position"...and what 'position' might THAT be SSM?? lol!
You must be overjoyed at going 'home'...good luck with the epic journey!

airplanejayne said...

okay, okay, but my personal fave:
" ride with the dispatch woman."

you are such a slut....

jade ed girl said...

Call me when you get home Pookie!!

scarysquirrelman said...

what a bunch of potty brains. and lelly, said position would be "bent over".
APJ, any woman who can dispatch me while driving 70 miles an hour ought to be paid. a lot.
jade, email me your number. i lost my entire phone list when i moved up here.
lecram, if the party don't last at least three days, then you truely don't want me back. not that that would stop me, mind you. but i'll be real sulky.

airplanejayne said...

geez - ya' mean we have to invite you to the party? That means I have to change the invitations.....