Saturday, April 01, 2006

Notes From A Dirty Little Commie

okay, so the executive director of "good morning america" has been suspended for a month for emails he wrote that were leaked to the press. one was about george bush during the 2004 first presidential debate. the second one was about madeleine albright. the one about bush is quite understandable and not offensive. the other could be construed as offensive, but mild in comparison to what i'm about to post here. remember this guy just got suspended for a month without pay.
now, we have michael savage encouraging his radio listeners to go out and burn mexican flags in an effort to protest their protesting the new immigration law bill currnetly in congress.
and we have neal boortz saying that rep. cynthia mckinney looks like "a ghetto slut" with her current hairdo. no, i can't find a picture at the moment.
no word on whether these two "esteemed" "journalists" are facing punishment for their racial attacks on people of different skin color. and i seriously doubt it will happen. the right wing gets away with it, the left and the mainstream get hammered. good thing we all know the media is still predominantly controlled by us libruls. otherwise, helen thomas would have to executed for interrupting president whatshisname during one of his press conference nonanswers.

scooter libby is trying to get fitzgerald relieved of his duties, because he claims fitzgerald is acting outside his proper powers. libby says only congress can approve this. oddly enough, he offered no defense for why bush should be allowed to continue eavesdropping on anyone he wants outside of congress's approval. or why it's okay to wage war on a country based on lies. or why electronic voting machines should continue to be used despite the fact that each and every one of them has been hacked and shown to be vulnerable to vote count changing. there really does seem to be no argument that what libby did was in violation of the law. so this move looks like an attempt to get in a new prosecutor who would be more crony friendly.

katherine harris continues her calimitous freefall, which i must admit i'm enjoying more than a little.

this could be pure bullshit, but what do YOU think? speaking for myself, i wouldn't put it past bush and his trolls. and i wouldn't put it past the democrats to cave on it for fear of looking like "terrorist sympathisers". i wouldn't put it past us citizens to accept it, because we are suffering from "scandal fatigue". think about that last one for a second. how many scandals, dustups, fuckups, lies, indictments, convictions, exposures, withdrawn assertions, blackmails, extortions, backstabs and fraud can one nation stand in the space of 5 or so years before tuning out and accepting the numbness that comes from being forced to deal with corruption on a daily basis?

ah. and finally. a note on why i, as a common drone grunt for a large company, seem to feel no joy in the recent "upturn" in the economy. i watch my smalltime office manager bring down over a hundred grand a year for nothing more than creating headaches for all of us who have to put out his fires and apologize to clients for his rash promises and work very long hours and weekends in order to NOT have to apologize to the clients. yet, he is the one who will walk away each year with a large bonus if the office shows a profit while the rest of us have to deal with the corporate line that no bonuses will be forthcoming, because we are in transition or something equally false and odious. this makes me want to puke up and scream, but i know it's the same everywhere or worse.

update: i got took. i totally forgot what today's date is. i have been working 7 days a week since the rogue and fell for an april fool's joke. the third term link above encouraged me to write the author and the following is the result:
(his reply)
You might want to double-check the date on that story.
(my initial email)
oh, come on. this has to be bullshit. although i wouldn't put it past the bush administration to dream of this sort of shenanigan i have to ask you to publish your contacts. give us proof. otherwise, this is just another Onion article.

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