Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ITMFA, Daily Kos, America Blog and the War Nerd (and a smelly hippie). It's Da Bomb.

you know what's fun? seeing ads that the mainstream media giants won't run. like this one. a liberal (i think) church advertising the fact that it doesn't kick out or shun people for being different or for not fitting in to a narrow physical, sexual or idealogical box...hmmm, somehow i cringe to think what mustang is going to write about my putting sexual and box in the same sentence.

oh, and i just can't help it. dan savage, that rascally rabid sex columnist from seattle and the weekly rag The Stranger, is at it again with his new website ITMFA. Impeach The Motherfucker Already. Who knew gay men could all fired up about anything more important than the proper manicure or what to wear to a political demonstration. well, evidently he can. along with whatshisname over at the daily kos and the other whatshisname at americablog ("because a great nation deserves the truth"). great blogs, by the way. up to date on everything and lightyears ahead of the MSM. i steal from them all the time.

and one more thing: if its dateline is Fresno, you know it's gonna be funny. the WarNerd is a 'No gent who writes for the Exile, which is based in, idaho? russia? that's not him up above, by the way (that's the smelly hippie). the WarNerd is truly funny and informative. i try to read all of his columns if only for the comedic value. in fact, i'd love to see him perform at next year's rogue. if only to read something like this. ah man...'next of kin'... good stuff.


Mustang said...

First, I am in complete support of a narrow physical box. It is good to know the limits in which one must explore, the boudaries of one's kingdom so to speak.

Second, with respect to sexual boxes (purposefully ignoring the obvious attempt to get me to drone on about the never ending relationship between simple words and their apparent biologic or physiologic counterparts..yes I said in to go against the part..) I do not support such constraints, as this limits the depth of the gene pool, and makes cleaning the bottom more difficult.

Finally, the mere mention of an ideologically box demands, nay shouts, for some meaningful and demonstrative exultation regarding the untoward abuse of such an over-arching and far-reaching concept, as to boggle (implying that a simple concept would produce a condition of unboggledness)or perhaps even stump (counterpart = unstumped, which in itself draws up interesting memories from late-night sojorns to the dark and odd corners of the internet)the mere mortal mind.

All that aside, I like a nice box.


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Mustang said...

If you can write long wandering diatribes, forcing your best friends to slog through it to find those nuggets of wisdom you drop on occasion, then we the aforementioned friends can it turn and like, respond with non-sensical and wandering responses of great breadth, length and questionable worth, all in the name of retaliation, insubordination, constipation, and masturbation!

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scarysquirrelman said...

wait a minute. you wrote that last one from work and still misspelled stuff. have you given up and gone to the booze hutch that i know is there?