Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cyber Yard Sale

then, of course, there is the winnie the pooh night light (which i bought at a tv KVPR auction so i could talk to a certain belly dancer i was infatuated with).
and the "no exit" sign" (left with me by dillyn with whom i had THE BEST SEX OF MY LIFE for three weeks and then she disappeared).

and the clothes.
and the kitchenware.
and the candle holders.
and the rugs.
and the books.
and, oh, the baseball cards. talk about cards.
and the cat...what to do about the cat...
and my virginity, which i recently found hiding under the bed and am not sure i want to readopt, even if it works well in the bars.


KaMotion said...

I saw the photo before reading the post and recognized the night light. I can't believe you still have it.

Can I have it?


scarysquirrelman said...

yeah, right. now that i have offloaded an entire pickup truck's worth at the thrift store i can think about keeping neato things like this. and you get left with the memory of our conversation. which is worth infinately more than this bauble.

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