Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reasons To Die: Version. 2.0

a good day. fun filled. great show at full circle brewery. steven was mesmerizing as usual. so was the tattoo artist. talk about touch and stroke. she was amazing. her shading, blending and outlining blew away anyone who ever worked on me at Slave To The Needle up in seattle (which has one of those holier-than-thou reputations and well-earned i might add). i got to show off her work at the show tonight and i think i may have won her a few converts. just fantabulous.

plus, i got in the mail today my copy of the english translation of the Quran. i had found a website many months ago, which claimed to be willing to send free copies of it to anyone who asked. so, i asked. then they wrote me back and said they were all out. then i thought to myself that i was now on someone's watchlist. probably the fbi or team america. then i thought that maybe i could be on a terrorist's watchlist and some crazy muslim was going to befriend me and then steal all of my credit cards, i.d. and social circle (because they can be charming motherfuckers when american death is on the line). then i forgot about it, because i tend to sign up for these kinds of things when i've been drinking.
but tonight i received about 100 pounds of mail from my old address in the 'no (most of it crap and/or threats like the one from the unemployment office and the one from the child support office and both are full of donkeyporn bullshit). why it all sat at the old place for so long is a testament to the laziness of the people who moved in there after me, but knew i had moved back and where this last may. now they're moving in next to me and they evidently can load it all into a car and bring it the half block to me. not that i resent them or anything. mostly it's that i think they suck. cock. lots. but i don't judge them, because i'm not that way.
anyhoo, i got my Quran and am hoping to find out just why i'm an infidel and deserve to die. i think i'm (at the least) owed that.
and, oh yeah, the quitting smoking is a bust. i spent three weeks on The Pill and within two weeks i was back to my normal routine of a pack a day. once my body adjusted to the meds i was putting in it found the tolerance level and raised it a grand. so, i've gone off the Pill. stopped three days ago. found out today the hard way that quitting the Pill cold turkey is not acceptable. muscle aches, stiffness, crankiness. i left work early in order to go home and sleep. i also took half a pill and when i woke up my back was just fine. so i have to wean myself off this fucker. the doc forgot to mention that. the internet and past users at work didn't. half a pill a day for a week, then half a pill every other day for a week, then half a pill once a week. that's the recommendation from the other junkies...
...of course, the last time i listened to a junkie he picked out screw top wine for me and i didn't realize it until i'd gotten back to the party.


Katie :) said...

i doubt you will be able to take a picture of your tat that will do it any kind of justice.
It is by far, one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have seen on a body.
Congrats on it sweets! :)

Mintzworks said...

A: The Tat ABSOLUTELY got some converts. Please post publicly that artist's info.

B: You don't need a Quran to tell you why you're an infidel.

C: Yah, I wondered why I saw you lighting it up tonight.


D: YES you have to titrate down from nearly ALL medication that you're taking for a long time, especially ones that fuck with your BRAIN, you idiot (cock)smoker.

I thought you had read my Wellbutrin tribulation, where I explained that it was so bad I HAD to quit cold turkey, but no, that's no bueno.

However, the junkies have steered you correct this time.

Nice to meet Katie, except I still throw up a bit when I see her kissing you...I mean seriously, Katie, EW! (course, I'd do it in a heartbeat).

MG said...

that is awesome... so glad I didn't have to wait, I'm so fucking impatient!

TequilaGirl said...

The tat is amazing! Love it!

Wellbutrin fucks with you... is that the one you took? I took it for a week and had such a bad (crazy) reaction to it that I had to stop taking it. This time around I went with Prozac. I haven't had a cigarette in 5 days and I'm feeling happy. Crazy, I know.

airplanejayne said...

tat looks good!!!!!

scarysquirrelman said...

steph: her name's monet and she works at tower tattoos. not much on the website

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