Saturday, July 29, 2006

More On The Tat

update: i went to tower tattoos this afternoon in order to give monet a note of thanks and monetary tip (she did not charge me what she should have, but artists are quirky that way. maybe my attitude or that i let her play with the tattoo or that i didn't show any pain or need to take a break or flinch...who knows?). i ended up with a circle of workers and customers surrounding me and oohing and ahhing today. the front counter guy who had initially checked the jpeg i sent over and told me we would have to simplify some of the detail had a grin that morphed shiteating with awe. and i'll say right here and now that monet blows away any of the work i had done at Slave To The Needle up in seattle.
and that outfit has an international reputation for excellence. the tats i had done there got the same response from other artists present on those dates. but monet's...well...perhaps she saw a challenge or an opportunity to stretch her wings. whatever, she is amazing and anyone who reads this and is thinking of getting ink, more ink, or rework on ink already done should make an appointment with her.


jade ed girl said...

It's gorgeous! I'll definately see Monet when it's time to fix my back. Oh... and nice side shot of the bootie:)

Mustang said...

It is tragic that such a fine artist is forced to work with such a...fuzzy...canvas.


airplanejayne said...

I just realized that the pretty girl on your shoulder is gonna have one hell of a 5 o'clock shadow....

scarysquirrelman said...

you're talking to mustang, right? 'cuz i don't grow hair i weird places.

Mustang said...

Dearest SSM,

Yes, you do. I know. I've seen. do, she will, I might, you can't, she must, I could, you tried, she hoped, and I sat by drinking cold beer and hoping to regain a sense of purpose..or develop an all-encompasing itch to occupy myself.


thereminman said...

where do i start? with the 'no way, i have a hard enough time with a needle-that'll-save-my-life"---or "cool, glad that my friend is happy and a good canvas".
Joel, you rock. It's proved by your Pogues and Richman CD's. I love you lots.

Do I type on the internet after drinking? no way! Just like you.

I wish my life had more daily Joel input.

Check out this book(if you like books)----it's by John-theworldaccordingtogarp-Irving----it's called something like

ANYwayshow, it's about a gifted tatoo artist lady---has plenty of sex to keep us guys interested, plus human-ness, when you're feeling human--c'mon JOHN IRVING is very loved, and BIG in GErmany...c'MON, buddy!
ach du lieber!
you'll love this book, and it's tatoo references, and sex, and Organs???(bach, c'mon here, work with me ---J.S.---c'mon....)

get the book, I found it at a library...seems f'n Ben Franklin, knew us po' fok didn't always have money fo' books. Check it out.

Mustang said...


Donde esta Biggus Pithicus?

scarysquirrelman said...

having footus fetishus.

Anonymous said...

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