Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rainy Saturday

this may be a long post, because it's raining and windy outside today and i'm stuck inside the house with the master's tournament on a rain delay hold and i've got a halfrack of beer in the fridge. but let's get started:

sy hersh of the New Yorker has been lightyears ahead of his journalistic colleagues when it comes to getting access to administration insiders and malcontents. he's been writing for a while about the inevitability of us attacking iran. according to him, it may be time to tighten the seatbelts and batten down the hatches.

if you're an AT&T subscriber and you're using their services to do or say naughty things (or even if you're not), then you might want to read this.
if men in black sunglasses are blocking your driveway or your school bus zone make sure you've got a videocamera before attempting to engage them in dialogue. or about a hundred witnesses.

hugo chavez watch: go here to find out how he will bring down the untied states through the electoral process. and go here to find out just who was behind the fruit and vegetable pummeling of an american diplomat's car in caracas.

a three-fer here. bill frist and brokeback mountain...hilarious; jack straw kicking condi rice out of bed; and a boring (but nasty) campaign fight.

plan B contraception explained here, albeit by a professor who has no use for the right wing argument that it is actually abortion.

i've blogged before about the dearth of body armor for soldiers. i've also blogged about the government telling soldiers recently that hey had to turn in their personal body armor in exchange for government-okayed body armor. now, dailykos has some more on the effectiveness of both types. guess which type is better? yeah. it would be what the soldiers and their families were paying for out of their own pockets. not what we would have them wear.


Steph said...


Our government, doing what we only thought others did...

Damn you and your blog. Now I hate AT&T even more, tho I started hating them a long time ago when I found out they 'store' your text messages for up to 6-8 months.

I don't get how I can pay a PRIVATE company as a PRIVATE citizen and have them share any of my PRIVATE conversations publicly.

I also REALLY don't get the people who say "What does it matter? Why do you care? Why? Are you doing something wrong?? Don't like what the gov't does? Don't break the law! Lalalaaaaa..."

How about a SSM blog about the dangers of silence and complicity. Maybe start with Russia and the Czar(s), move to Hitler, Idi Amin Dada, maybe some Francisco Franco for flavor, and finish with our good friend GWB.


Anonymous said...
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jade ed girl said...

Do they make a Scary Squirrel Man patch? Going through withdrawals... need fix soon... please come to Boston...

jade ed girl said...

And in response to Steph... shit! Guess I should quit texting my dealer...

Steph said...

Today I hit my roommate on the arm hard.

When pressed by reporters, I told them that I do not tolerate violence in my home, and I wanted the violater exposed.

When we find out who did the hitting, that person will be dealt with appropriately.

When my roommate testified later in court that it was actually ME who hit him, my lawyer was quick to go on the air to let everyone know that I actually had the legal authority to hit him at that time.

Then my landlord tried to throw me out. Earlier in the week, I started a neighbors fued by making up a story about how the guy to me left had used poison pesticides on his flowers, and the guy to my right has bad allergies.

So when my landlord tried to throw me out, I reminded him that it wasn't appropriate to throw me out in times of neighborly feuds.

Then some more reporters showed up, and I screamed 9-11, raised gas prices again, and ran back into my house, where my roommate was cowering in fear, cuz I promised that the bigger neighbor two doors down was an ever BIGGER threat to him.

I live the good life.

scarysquirrelman said...

AT&T's new slogan.
Your World. Delivered. To the Feds.

Anonymous said...
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