Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm Calling Bullshit on Alberto

hoo boy. this article by the new yawk times lays out some damning insinuations that, if proven, could actually lead to impeachment proceedings if the democrats take back congress in november. here's the sentence i found most relevant:
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the president has the ''inherent authority to decide who should have classified information.''
so, bush can take a classified document and decide a reporter should have it in order to disseminate it to the public and, suddenly, it's legally declassified. he can take our most secret nuclear technology and hand it to bob novak to print for the world to read and it's okay, because it's bush. the president. pardon me, but
the only time someone in government is supposed to get away with releasing classified info is when that person is reasonably sure that others are breaking the law and releasing certain info is the only way in which to make sure existing law is adhered to. it's the whistleblower protection. bush wasn't blowing any whistle. bush and cheney were retaliating for the exposure of their lies.
and here's the attorney general of the untied states claiming bush is within the law, because if he does it it must be okay. monarchs crave that kind of unilateral fucking power. and some of them never get it. this truly is a king in the making. and a theocracy. and martial law. and "let them eat cake".
you know, the democrats aren't much better on the national scene, but at least most of them know when to call it a day. right now, the republicans can't seem to fall asleep for want of more power, money, influence and immortality. maybe that's what happens when you've spent decades as the minority party. so much ground to make up, so little time, so few brain cells.


Zonthar said...

You know, when I first heard this story, my immediate thought was, "I can't wait to see what Joel writes about this." When I want news commentary, I don't turn to CNN. I turn to SSM.

Steph said...

Stunningly, SSM, the President DOES have the inherent authority to release classified data that concerns his office only (ie, he can't release FBI briefings).

If he signs a highly classified executive order or sends troops to a secret location, he actually CAN declassify those documents at his choosing (FDR signed this order, Woodrow Wilson did the same before him).

However, can the President put a CIA agent in harms' way?


And don't the Repubs look like dolts for not beginning impeachment proceedings now, in a caase that stinks of being too easy to judge?

And the reason for impeachment?

Bushman says months ago 'we'll get the bastard! who released that name!'

And the bastard, as usual, is he...

scarysquirrelman said...

there are certain rules and procedures to be obeyed before declassifying classified material, especially those which relate to national security. these were not followed. slipping intel to a reporter anonymously or through a third party is illegal.