Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's Musings

Just pisses me off when I'm not allowed to post because of questionable content.
I read the Daily Kos today and clicked on the "boy are they stoopid" link. the link's writer asked for submissions to name a convention in contrast to 'Kosyearly". So, I did.

"Since it's Cheney who really runs the administration, how about:
Dick's Dicks in '06
and for the women:
Dick-WAC Heart Attack."

What's questionable about that? Quite catchy if you ask me and I know you did. What's that you say? The website probably didn't want suggestions that might in any way disparage our Commander-In-Thief? Oh. See, I didn't read it that way. I thought it was an honest and open environment for everyone. Not just the brainwashed...huh. Go figure.

Hee hee. Scott McClellan reads about as much as Bush:

Q Scott, Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff has pleaded guilty to fraud and corruption and tax evasion here in the federal court in Washington. Already the DNC has put out a statement essentially saying that this is another example of what they are calling the "culture of corruption and abuse of power" that has been the hallmarks of the Bush administration. Any response?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, I've seen press reports that indicate that he has -- he and his clients have given to both Democrats and Republicans. So that's the first thing that I would say.Secondly, I'm not sure if he's actually entered a plea at this point, but the wrongdoing that he apparently now is acknowledging he was involved in is outrageous. And if he broke laws, he needs to be held to account and he needs to be punished. And beyond that, I think we'd just be speculating about things at this point, and I'm not going to engage in speculation.

You can read the links to find the lies, but I'll tell you now that it looks as if Abramhoff gave not one dime to any Democrat in quite some time and lots and lots to Republicans. As for his clients, they're not on trial at this point, so it seems that Scottie (good doggie) is already in smear mode. The first thing he would say is "he and his clients have given to both Democrats and Republicans"? Wow. That is as political and partisan a statement as I've ever heard come out of Scottie's (good doggie) mouth. Flat-out saying "it ain't just us". Not even a denial. Straight to the smear. Do I think that Dems are just as greedy as Reps? You bet. However, the Reps are in power and suffering the slings and arrows of folks who realize Reps are terrible at balancing greed with running a country. The Dems got very good at it. They learned to share some of it with us little people. The Reps can't quite get the hang of it. That's why all of the scandals. They don't understand that as the rich get richer, so must the poor and not as poor rise as well. Do they really think that someone like me is going to be swayed by a recitation of the Clintons' wealth? I know they're filthy rich. I, also, know that the very people pushing Bush and Cheney make the word "filthy" smell like baby's breath (which, to be honest, we all know can be somewhat offputting right after a good burping). Democrats accepting cash, favors, trips? Gasp. Ya think? But who is it getting caught? It ain't the Dems. At least, it ain't the Dems en masse. It's those idiot Reps who claimed the higher moral ground and then ground it under their heel. Almost as if they felt they were owed their due. Almost as if they felt a few trillion or so into the pockets of them and their backers was an acceptable butcher's bill for wiping out those devilish Dems. No mention of the fact that the trillions would be taxpayers' money, taxpayers' retirement, taxpayers' medical coverage, taxpayers' children's future, taxpayers' social security net, taxpayers' children's military deaths. No mention of the fact that they would be dispersing radioactive waste in Iraq. No mention that help would be scaled back to Asia in time of tsunami crisis, because one government wouldn't allow us military fly-over privileges while our aircraft carriers idled offshore. No mention that genocide is not cool if the victims aren't white (and therein can we blame both parties and most of America). Not a word about torture, carpet bombing, collateral damage, 100,000+ Iraqi civilians dead. No mention of a CIA agent's outing by the administration.
So much to condemn as an enlightened 21st century American. And so little to defend.

Jack Abramoff. Will he or won't he?
Scott (good doggie). Should he or shouldn't he?
The usual suspects. Did they or didn't they?

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