Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Lecram

NBC is checking into whether Christiane Amanpour was wiretapped by Bush. If this is true, that a journalist was spied on in the course of her journalistic duties, then we have us a whopper of a scandal that no one can ignore. Eavesdrop on a CNN reporter? We would be entering into Nixonian territory in terms of flagrant disregard for the law. Felony and high treason all the way, baby. Just think of the prominent Americans she has spoken to over the past four years that this wiretap gig has been in business. Who knows? Bush may have dirt on many biggie politicians without their knowing it. Who knows? Bush (and Cheney) may have been using overheard info to silence their critics across the aisle.

Oh yeah. David Letterman, on his show no less, tells Bill O'Reilly that he's 60% full of crap. Finally, a late night talk show host is doing something other than glitterati spooge and sponge-off.

Cherokee Nation, Cherokee Tribe! Evidently, this nation finally remembered that they have always held gay people in high regard as mystical people.

Considering that the Bush group refused to listen to Clinton holdouts about the Bin Laden threat prior to 9/11 it's amazing to read that Cheney claims if we had been wiretapping before then we could have stopped 9/11. How much more did they need to know about the threat before doing anything at all about it? They knew Clinton tried to target bin Laden with missiles. They knew of the reports about bin Laden planning on attacking us with hijacked planes. So, basically they needed a burning bush to point the way? Without big fat arrows pointing to the intended targets there was no way for them to even get close to an inkling of a suggestion of a whisper of a rumor that bin Laden had a hankering to get at us? Puh-leeze.

And a big happy birthday to that uber-maestro of demonic maestros: lecram.


Generik said...

Good catch on the Amanpour spying. That could potentially make what is already a very big deal even bigger. If the media decides that the Bush administration is out to fuck them (which they obviously are and have been, but that fact has been politely ignored up until now), will they finally start to question the bastards in power? In other words, will they start to actually perform their duties again?


And though I left birthday greetings on his blog already, allow me to extend birthday greetings here (albeit a bit late) to the very talented lecram.

lecram sinun said...

Wow! Look at all the nice delightful things that occured on my day. Just warms the cockles, don't it?

Thanks for the wishes, man! :)