Friday, January 06, 2006

Scooter "Free" Ride

Scooter scoots from potential felon to perenially fraudulent. Honestly, how does a person under indictment for crimes against the country get a job offer? Yes, I know I sound naive, but I'm not. Really. Doesn't it strike you as almost inevitable now that no matter what the administration pulls at our expense to enrich theirs they will somehow come up smelling like right wing roses? This man is under indictment by a federal Special Prosecutor. He is no longer working for the White House. He is supposed to be disgraced merely by being touched with the indictment wand. Had Clinton been offered a job by the ACLU (he's a lawyer after all) in the event that he was actually kicked out of office the Right wuld have been apoplectic and denouncing the ACLU as commies, reds, pinkos, terrorists sympathizers and everything that's wrong with Liberal Media. Scooter gets an offer and I'll bet not one Republican (and few Democrats) will stand up and say this is completely unethical, immoral and downright not too cool.
Of course, the unspoken message here is this: the Heritage Foundation expects Scooter, if he's convicted, to be pardoned by Bush on Bush's way out. And they would be right.
I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby , chief of staff and national security adviser to Vice President Cheney until that indictment unpleasantness a few months ago, has found a new perch as he awaits trial.