Monday, July 02, 2007


the bane of the tomato grower. that pesky little critter that i've been told is part of the sphinx moth family (those huge ones that used to fly around on hot august nights whose wingspan would easily reach 6 inches...alas, no more due to decades of insecticide). below is the damage i returned to (i show not nearly all of what hapened in a 2 day span) from san francisco. i caught two mammoth caterpillars that evening, 4 moderate sized the next day and 2 moderate and 6 babies the next. and i've been checking those plants since the first sign of damage a couple of months ago.

sucks to be popular.


mintzworks said...

Lemme see here....Bush lets Scooter walk, should be impeached, may have broken the law, and when I come here....I see sphinx moths.


scarysquirrelman said...

where's a freakin' sphinx moth?!? huh??? i'll sqush it as flat as the fat larvae it came from! i'll mangle it as badly as bush has the constitution! i'll rip it limb from, well, wing like cheney has the bill of rights and all dissenters to his dictatorship!