Wednesday, April 12, 2006


A. He's a liar, or
2. He's never had control of his people from the get-go and found it easier to wallow in ignorance while those around him did the lying without keeping him in the loop.
Either way, he's at the top and that's where the buck is supposed to stop.

"We have found the WMD's."
"I will not tolerate leakers".
"Fuzzy math, fuzzy math."
"You're either with us or against us".
"I did not have sex with-" whoops, wrong president.
"A thousand points of light twinkling from a hundred bottles of beer on the wall."
"Fool me once, shame on--fool me again--won't get...fooled again."
"It will take time to restore order and chaos".
"I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep on the soil of a friend."
"But Iraq has—have got people there that are willing to kill, and they're hard-nosed killers. And we will work with the Iraqis to secure their future."
"It's in our country's interests to find those who would do harm to us and get them out of harm's way."
"If they pre-decease or die early, there's an asset base to be able to pass on to a loved one."
"This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. And having said that, all options are on the table."
"It's a time of sorrow and sadness when we lose a loss of life."
"I believe that, as quickly as possible, young cows ought to be allowed to go across our border."
"The CIA laid out several scenarios and said life could be lousy, life could be OK, life could be better, and they were just guessing as to what the conditions might be like."
"Free societies are hopeful societies. And free societies will be allies against these hateful few who have no conscience, who kill at the whim of a hat."
"Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB/GYN's aren't able to practice their love with women all across the country."
"Secondly, the tactics of our—as you know, we don't have relationships with Iran. I mean, that's—ever since the late '70s, we have no contacts with them, and we've totally sanctioned them. In other words, there's no sanctions—you can't—we're out of sanctions."
"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
"I'm honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein."
"But the true strength of America is found in the hearts and souls of people like Travis, people who are willing to love their neighbor, just like they would like to love themselves."
"[T]he illiteracy level of our children are appalling."
"[A]s you know, these are open forums, you're able to come and listen to what I have to say."
"The ambassador and the general were briefing me on the—the vast majority of Iraqis want to live in a peaceful, free world. And we will find these people and we will bring them to justice."
"It's very interesting when you think about it, the slaves who left here to go to America, because of their steadfast and their religion and their belief in freedom, helped change America."
"First, let me make it very clear, poor people aren't necessarily killers. Just because you happen to be not rich doesn't mean you're willing to kill."
"I think war is a dangerous place."
"In other words, I don't think people ought to be compelled to make the decision which they think is best for their family."
"These people don't have tanks. They don't have ships. They hide in caves. They send suiciders out."
"I was proud the other day when both Republicans and Democrats stood with me in the Rose Garden to announce their support for a clear statement of purpose: you disarm, or we will."
"There's an old saying in Tennessee—I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, fool me once, shame on—shame on you. Fool me—you can't get fooled again."
"I'm a patient man. And when I say I'm a patient man, I mean I'm a patient man."
"This foreign policy stuff is a little frustrating."
"For a century and a half now, America and Japan have formed one of the great and enduring alliances of modern times."
"There's nothing more deep than recognizing Israel's right to exist. That's the most deep thought of all. ... I can't think of anything more deep than that right."
"I understand that the unrest in the Middle East creates unrest throughout the region."
"The suicide bombings have increased. There's too many of them."
"You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.''
"The California crunch really is the result of not enough power-generating plants and then not enough power to power the power of generating plants."
"They misunderestimated me."

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