Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ramblin' Rogue, Part Deux

Airplanejane has her best line from the Rogue: "draw me a map and i'll go down on you". not bad, not bad at all, though needing a map implies that the asker is a bit on the, shall we say, ignorant side. Now, my favorite lines from the Rogue (and I can hear all of you panting and drooling in antici...pation) are:
It isn't gay if it's done in the Rogue (Nile Seguin)


Prison Sex doesn't count as cheating (mustang)


Let's sell baby sized tee shirts that say "Spawn of the Rogue" (kamotion and Jen)


"All of the box office goes to the performers, the other half goes to my bar tab" (either Laaz or me, not too sure which. the party was that good)

I like solitaire's changing errogenous to erroguenous on APJ's blog commment section. And thanks again to all of you who made my stay a wonderful time. Mustang, Lecram, Kamotion, Jade Ed Gypsy (by the way jade, i got an email from someone who would like to "borrow" your play), Jen, Blake, Kien, Laaz, APJ, um, the rest of you know who you are. rock on.

By the way, I am making a dvd for Kamotion of her wedding last year and the party afterwards as well as one for me and Lecram. Let me or Lecram know if you're interested. It will be much cheaper to try and dupe it ourselves as the people doing it for me want $10 a pop. The tape is raw and unedited with lots of me talking behind the camera (sorry). it includes the wedding, the awards, and the party. lots of band and crowd shots. some interview type things and walking around. the wedding alone is worth it...a real tear in the eye moment. let me know and i'll see what i can do.


lecram sinun said...

What about

"The next time someone says that nothing happens in Fresno, you look at them and say... FUCK YOU!"

scarysquirrelman said...

can we put that on a tee shirt?

scarysquirrelman said...

you actually said that,didn't you?

Mustang said...

FOR THE RECORD..even though I would love to take credit for the prison quote, it really belongs to either John, Mike, Laz or someone to be named for a future player. I only repeated it (with great sincerity) because it was worth repeating.


lecram sinun said...

Jag said the first part... mine was the Fuck You part.