Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Back To Politics

"...a mistake experts say most law students wouldn't make..."
my goodness. our government can't even win a slam-dunk case against an admitted terrorist. they convict him and blow the penalty phase, because they can't play by the rules (which are set up to favor the prosecution). oh boy. i have such trust in this group of yahoos that i'm thinking of trading for euros.

"...It's starting to come from Republicans, and they are the ones who must rescue the country from themselves..."
garrison keillor has something to say over at the chicago tribune about the woes of our current world. i like the poetic irony of republicans being the ones who need to save us from what they created, because the democrats most likely can't.

"...Our goal is to improve the quality of customer service and phone support in the US. This free website is run by volunteers and is powered by over one million consumers who demand high quality phone support from the companies that they use..."
this might be cool. a website that teaches you how to get through all of the phone crap and talk to a real live person. how many of us have spent 10 minutes navigating the maze of push-this-button in order to find out that they're closed or you should have called this number when you could have bypassed it all and found someone? i haven't tried it yet, but one of you might.

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Mustang said...

What would be a winning business is for someone to create a phone company for "us" that would force telemarketers, tax collectors, bill collectors, ex-anythings, in-laws, parents, drunk friends, and such to winnow their way through a push-button maze we get to create!

I would like to support a T-shirt with the acronym FU..R on the front. This would stand for...

Fuck You (pause,then loudly) ROGUE!

This will be our way of politely telling those people who do not believe in this little cosmic fun-thingy that we are having fun!