Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rant O' The Week

i know you don't want to hear it, but i'll keep saying it: our current administration (with the acquiescence of both parties in congress) is leading us down the same road that hitler did in the 1930's. the "war on terror", which has now been redubbed "the war on extremism" (because the former was no longer polling well) has been a smokescreen for global hegemony. we don't care if the world is safe for everyone. we only care that it's safe for our corporations. it's about the money, silly. not the democracy. and it's about whatever smallminded agenda the voting base thinks is important (even though it really isn't).
--quick, which would you rather have: a world free of HIV... or $2.00 a gallon gasoline?
--which sounds better to you: no poverty, no malnutrition, no polio...or unlimited weekend and evening minutes?
--make the choice: 13,000 females a year in the U.S.A. impregnated by rapists or a blanket denial of access to an abortion?
--alternate question: accept funds from the U.S.A. for HIV medicine only if you agree to not promote contraceptives as a means of stopping its spread or tell the U.S.A. to go fuck itself, because you know its abstinence message is death incarnate? warning: the latter will keep all american government monies out of your hands.
--(multiple choice) you find yourself invited to a Bush Townhouse speech. you are given a ticket and you go. on the surface you look like a "normal" person (i.e. no tee shirt with anti-bush slogans, no anti-bush cardboard signs stuffed down your pants). the car you arrive in, however, bears a bumpersticker that reads something to the effect of "no war for oil". after you've been seated a man who looks very much like a secret service agent approaches you, flashes what looks like a badge and tells you that you have to leave. do you:
a) acquiesce quietly and do whatever he tells you even though you've done nothing untoward;
b) ask him what the problem is and ask to speak to his boss when he won't tell you what the problem is;
c) quickly strip down to the anti-bush tee shirts that you had worn in under your outer clothing and begin chanting "we will come all over" ala "we will overcome";
d) know that the prunes coupled with the brownies would take effect about now and, taking a squat, share with your bretheren and sisteren the "fruits" of how you view bush's policies toward anyone who attempts to disagree.

you see, i disagree with almost everything he and his bunch have done. i blog about it. i write to the newspaper about it. i email people about it. and i am on a list because of it. not because i am a threat to our country, but simply because i disagree. i was on the FBI's list once before, because i refused to sign up for the selective service back in 1980 or 82. the FBI sent me nasty letters. claimed i was a "class 4 felon". i was in high school. my mother, who is liberal, didn't like the whole SSS process, but told me i had to do it. i lied when she asked if i had gone to the post office and registered. there was no way. i was hip deep in reagan's island hopping down in central america. no way. but that felon thing blew away like so much political baby kissing. i hope this does, too. i hope we rebound as a nation and get our balances back. because right now we are out of whack. we are not dope. we are not sick.
it's amazing to think that whack doesn't mean "hit on the noggin". and sick means not sick.and dope as for phat...well, i am not a linguist and so i think i decide to pronounce it p-hat.

from this site comes "an editorial:
...the folks who today call themselves "conservatives" - from Limbaugh to Gingrich to Kristol to the senior Bushies - are not conservatives in either the American or the classical European mold. They represent something entirely new in the experience of America, breathtaking in its sweep and horrifying in its reach and ambitions. They are the "new conservatives" or "neo-conservatives."
Arguably, the last two political philosophers who both influenced world events and shared many of the worldviews of today's neocons were the Nicolo Machiavelli (who published "The Prince" in Italy in 1515) and Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels (who inspired a young Adolf Hitler with his magazine "Ostara").


Christopher said...

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airplanejayne said...

The only part you're wrong about (yes, we can all be wrong, sometimes
-- except for me: I'm never wrong. I thought I was once, but I was only mistaken--)

--As I was saying, the only thing you're wrong about is your opening line: "I know you don't want to hear it..."

Yes, we do want to hear it,even those who say they don't.

--well ranted and wrote(d) SSM.