Thursday, August 04, 2005

Half Nekkid Thursday

yes, folks. it's that time. high time. high time to give you an unclothed view of part of my anatomy for your delectition. enjoy. try not to swoon. thank you. thankyouverymuch. pogo thanks you, too. and pogo's friends- albert alligator, cherchy lafemme, miz skunk, champeen hosshead, owl, porkypine an' mrs. beaver- thank you as well. and asked me if i wouldn't mind sendin' you a little poem to think of them by (ahem):

how much wood would a woodchunk chunk
would a wood chunk chunk would
a wood chunk chunk woodawood wunk
chunk wooda woo
wa wuh wozza, hum?

much ground
round would
a hound dog hog
if a ground hog
was ground round?

you see, i grew up with pogo the possum an' all his little friends even though they were aborn before my time. while other children were dreaming of g.i. joe, barbie and matchbox i was immersed in the theatrical throes of whether pogo would give a good one to the beak of deacon mushrat. it was also the case with penrod, that irrascible gent penned by booth tarkington. written and inked before my time, but my mother was one for the literate arts and the fiendishly juvenile.
so, this is me, fairly damn nekkid.


addict said...

Welcome aboard!!!
Great picture, great poems!
Hope to see you back next week :)

Kalani said...

Um that's on your leg. :p To see the significance in that see my comments on Addict’s HNT. Wonderful HNT!

scarysquirrelman said...

kalani, i blush. i have more on my thighs, but they are for another time and story.

lecram sinun said...

Good stuff, SSM! Pogo rules!

Awna said...

Welcome to Hnt! Great picture : )