Thursday, August 18, 2005

HNT Post Mortem (I'm very late)

i'm thinking of braiding my nipple hair, whaddya think? man boob need a shave? or should i let it go rasta?


lecram sinun said...

I'm voting rasta.

Lelly said...

Is that a scar on your shoulder?? Scars seem popular this HNT!

scarysquirrelman said...

lelly...yeah, i saw a lot of hair, scars and boobies so i decided to form a triumvirate and name it: hairy scarry boobie.
lecram...please stay on the line. we are experiencing higher than normal volumes of calls. your vote is important to us. you will be assisted by the next available operator. in the meantime, enjoy the funky sounds of Benny Goodman beating Artie Shaw to death with a saxophone reed and musically choreographed by Stan Getz.