Monday, August 15, 2005

Esprit de Corpse

My great friend Generik sent me this article, which is about as juvenile as my previous post about the jumper. I hope you like it...actually, it'd be funnier if you didn't:
"I was at the Reagan Presidential Library in February of this year," he told WND. "'Dutch' was my commander in chief. I have personal interest in getting this individual and trying to protect the desecration of presidential graves against First Amendment rights."
To be honest, as soon as I stop laughing I'll try to figure out where the "rights" part plays a factor. Until then, bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
And when I die I will encourage everyone to do whatever they want on my grave (in fact, let me know what you think of). Sex would be awesome, spilling beer (a lot of beer) would be even better. Desecration? You could dig me up, prance my skeleton around in girlie undies, use my skull for an ashtray and I'd still give you a call the next weekend.

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