Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wednesday Wallow

from Star magazine, a weekly that embodies the best of journalism and the dedicated writers who will not stop until they've uncovered the dish that held the dirt:

Martha StewartMartha Stewart may be under house arrest, but her Bedford, N.Y., parties are a hot ticket. A source tells Star People, "She has huge dinner parties and entertains constantly. Everyone wants to be invited — she's just not allowed to have guests who are convicted felons." The source says Martha shows off her ankle bracelet at the soirees and jokes at the front door that if she takes a wrong step the alarms will sound.— SUZANNE ROZDEBA

from the Weekly World News comes this shocking heart stopper...and something i would encourage everywhere if only to make the workaday more bearable.

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airplanejayne said...

--now THERE'S a theme for a party:

House Arrest!