Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Charcoal, Anyone?

whenever there's a selloff of our public utilities, you can bet that politicians and the government are behind it to enrich their friends. just like they tried with the estate tax, social security, big tobacco fines that would have gone toward smoking cessation programs, the No Child Left Behind faith based groups that got the lion's share of the funding. now, both the House and the Senate are poised to pass an amendment that will open the doors to companies like Enron, Halliburton and other giant conglomerates so they can take over ownership of our electricity, water, gas. remember the "crisis" we had in California with electricity not so long ago in which a certain company shut down transfer stations for no reason, shuttled power to other states and then sold it back to us at obscene rates? with the passage of this amendment they won't have to. just as the telephone companies have won a huge victory by not having to share their broadband lines with the smaller competition (thereby ensuring competition, which in turn creates fair pricing), the power and gas moguls will ensure a new generation of robber barons.

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