Monday, June 27, 2005

12 More Years! 12 More Years! 12 More Years!

The Washington POst has chimed in with its two cents about the "war". Although the writer's estimate of "collateral dead" might just be a bit of a misunderestimation.

Oil execs from all over will be meeting in Britain, possibly to carve out an early thanksgiving Iraqi turkey:

So, if the Alaskans don't want to deal with climate change and global warming, which is contributing to massive changes for the worse in their eco-system, but putting more rain and cooler temperatures in Central California...should I just keep my mouth shut and enjoy these nicer-than-normal summer months?

I disagree that Donald Rumsfeld is the brains behind the Iraq war as stated in this article, though having his name and the words "brain" and "behind" so close together in a sentence do "trend" well;


airplanejayne said...

looks like you're suffering the same malady as Jade -- loss of links....unless "edit-me" is a new euphemism for

yes, I know - but you're also having too much fun with the line.

scarysquirrelman said...

Links are back and they're HHHHHHOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!