Monday, March 21, 2005

Pay No Attention to the Snake Behind the White Horse

ABC News Poll shows that most Americans are in agreement that our politicians are merely trying to stop Terri Schiavo from dying in order to garner votes in 2006. Finally, a bit of common sense from the commoners:
You need Acrobat to read it, but who doesn't have Acrobat? Right? Word, on the other hand...
I still say that this is a Republican attempt to lead us away from other, more pressing issues like: Tom DeLay, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gannongate, our UN ambassador, our Iraq Ambassador, Haiti, all very boring nothing to see please let's move on we're walking hey look isn't that a pretty white Floridian woman being starved to death by her mean old husband who's been screwing around behind her comatose back and probably only wants her estate money to spend on his whore hussy girlfriend and her little illegitimate brats? Bright klieg lights, please. Ta ran tara. We must save her in the name of the "(Ann) Culture of Life".


grumpy said...

I agree that it might be a diversion. Could it also be that the Bush is worried about just how close this issue is, philosophically, to abortion and right-to-die issues? The Bush must be careful how he directs the medical community, because this has the potential for setting some troubling precedents for the God-said-so crowd.

scarysquirrelman said...

it could also be another salvo aimed at the judiciary branch. kind of a "see, how those liberal activist judges hate life and all things sacred". problem with that, though, is the supreme court refused to hear arguments on the appeal recently and that court has a conservative majority (o'connor being the moderate republican appointee).