Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hal, We Hardly Knew You

I love writing letters to people I admire. i mean, I really love it. So, when I found this website I just had to dash off a note proclaiming my support. Below is the link and the letter I sent out this morning:
Hi Hal, I just wanted to compliment you on your fabulous website. You certainly have a way with one-syllable verbalisms. Plus, all of that angry red you've splashed everywhere just like the very blood you're demanding from those who think the government should keep its nose out of private family business. I think you personally should blow that truck bomb up.In fact, it would be really neat if you were to make it a suicide bombing. In this manner you would become a martyr and symbol to the right-to-have-no-life-of-any-meaningful-kind crowd. You could become the "face" of the "Culture of Fright" groups. Even better, go down to Texas (if you're not there already) and fight the law put in place by George Bush, Jr when he was governor there.You're familiar with it, right? It's the one that allows hospitals to cut off medical services to patients they deem terminal, especially if the patients' families do not have the money or medical coverage to pay for said services. This can be done to patients who are conscious and cognitive.
But back to your website. You wrote:"Conscious but brain damaged American citizen Terri Schiavo is being starved to death in a Florida hospice. Cried when told feeding tube was being removed, yelled "I want to live.""
Well now, and which radio personality did we possibly get that from? Was it Limbaugh, perhaps? He IS a Paragon of unbiased news. I don't know why those filthy Liberals are always ranting about him. Just because he calls them Communists, terrorist sympathizers, smelly, dumb,unpatriotic, idiots, etc. Doesn't mean he's not correct, right? Just mean and blinded by his own sense of morality.
Or did you get the quote from Terry Randall? He's believable, too. His unfettered access to Mrs. Schiavo would give him the inside scoop on any utterances she might have made...oops, he didn't have access, did he? In fact, he's never met the woman, has he? In fact, he's a bit of a screamer himself, isn't he? I don't think I've ever seen a picture of him in which his face isn't contorted into a Gollum-like appearance, flooded red with the bitter knowledge of his rightness in the face of the masses that ignorantly disagree with him or certain facts that pop up and slap him across the kisser (but he doesn't strike me as much of a kisser).
Anyway, I just want you to know that I support you in getting in that bomb-laden truck, driving it somewhere nice and quiet and remote and far, far away from the madding crowds. Then, I support you as you reach down between your thighs and caress that special "button" until suddenly you no longer exist. Remember to leave a note.
I really am not a violent person, but your cause makes me want to getmywaron. You go, boy!Kisses and Candy,
Joel Dyer

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