Sunday, March 20, 2005

BO, You Don't Know Gritz

(I sent this a few minutes ago to that paragon of freedom, Bo Gritz- you know the guy. He intervened at Ruby Ridge after all the death, then claimed he was there before it happened. He went in to the Freemen ranch , but walked out with no agreement in hand. He is a gladhander and a camera hog. Now he is in Florida making up lies, as far as I can tell by researching the media, in order to score new points off of the Terri Schiavo case)

I have a few words for you, Bo. You have not done your homework before jumping on the "Save Terri" bandwagon. First of all, she IS in a coma. While her eyes do open from time to time (which is normal for comatose patients-it's an involuntary reflex of the muscles) she does not recognize anyone. Both private and court-appointed physicians have attested to this. And don't start talking about any conspiracy. It's Jeb Bush's state after all. She is not able to swallow, which just might explain the feeding tube. Were she able to swallow on her own, I think this would be a different story. But she can't. She CAN breathe on her own. That has never been a question. Michael Schiavo seems to love her very much and has maintained that she told him she would not want to live this way. Neither you or I can dispute that. He's either lying or not. But neither of us were there and I would rather trust that they loved each other enough to share their wants. Of course, you seem to be attracted to any kind of public division that will garner you a camera in your face. How're the Freemen doing by the way? As for Terri, she was deprived under suspicious circumstances of oxygen? She was already comatose. Her husband then "dis-allowed" corrective action? Explain, please. Are you accusing him of wanting her estate as soon as she fell ill and comatose? Did he connive at such an early date? Is this all it's about in your eyes? A man wanting money as opposed to an end to his wife's vegetative state? By the way, your assertion that Michael is refusing to allow the brushing of her teeth is an absolute lie. In fact, he was chastised by the hospital staff for being too demanding in her care. He had someone come in every day to change her clothes, do her makeup and make sure she was cleaned regularly until the hospital told him to knock it off. They were feeling as if they weren't doing enough. So, shut it about that.Yes, he does have a girlfriend and they do have children. Gasp. Oh my. He has not allowed divorce so that he may stay in control of what he feels are Terri's wishes. I don't know the veracity of it, neither do you. So, shut it about that as well. I will if you do. The fact that he has a girlfriend I can't complain about. He has lived in this situation for a long time. He has been told by every physician that Terri will never regain consciousness or any cognitive state remotely approximating that of a human. I understand. You should, too. After all, didn't you try to kill yourself when your wife filed for divorce? In a way, it's somewhat the same. Please prove the following (which you wrote)by providing your sources (credible or not) to me:
"Michael Schiavo is 6'-3" tall and weighs 250-pounds. Here is reported evidence of abuse concerning Terri: Terri's medical records show multiple broken bones. When she collapsed in 1990 he failed to perform CPR. He has had her medical records sealed -- even from Terri's parents. Seven months after receiving $1.3-million for Terri's medical care, Michael prohibited antibiotics for infection which could have killed Terri (1993 & 1995). Despite medical records and witness reports that Terri is responsive, Michael has not allowed therapy since receiving the cash. He has prevented swallowing tests, despite medical testimony that Terri can be taught to eat. Ordered caretakers not to clean Terri's teeth (five teeth removed in 2004). Since 2000, refuses to allow Terri to leave her room. Refuses to fix her wheelchair. Orders the window shades down at all times in Terri's room, denying natural sunlight. Removed family photos from Terri's room, denies flowers, won't allow her to hear music. Won't allow visitors unless approved by him. Denied visits by her parents for eight-months. Denies all requests for Terri to attend nursing home functions and refuses to allow therapeutic animals to visit, knowing she is an animal lover."
I can access articles and testimonies which refute each and every one of these assertions. Let me know how you come by your beliefs.
Sincerely,Joel Dyer


Generik said...

Cheers, and welcome to the blogosphere! Prepare to do a lot more drinking -- I mean writing -- in the near future, and say goodbye to any semblance of a life.

Scaramouche said...

Nice rant. Where do some people get their ideas that it's proper to attack the husband?