Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarah Palin: Too True To Be Good

John Dean has written an insightful and very lawyerly screed as to exactly why Sarah Palin is not qualified to become second in line to th presidency. Check it out here.
Frank Rich of the New York Times goes even further (complete with lots and lots of links) in suggesting that the Republicans did not bother to do even a passing vetting of Alaska's governor. Go here.
Alaska's largest daily paper is wondering why Palin is suddenly trying to stonewall the Troopergate investigation after previously tellng them to investigate her and hold her accountable. Here.
And she is a liar.
And she is a scary religious nut to boot.
On a different note, Fannie and Freddie (no, not hurricanes) are poised to be taken over by the government to make sure they stay in business, but it'll cost ya. "Ya" as in y'all taxpayers, because F & F control half of all home mortgages in this country. That's $5,000,000,000,000 in layman's terms. Effin' trillions. Word should be out by Sunday afternoon since the Asian markets open then. Deregulation's a great thing, isn't it? Hand over the reins to the private sector and let them run with it. Yeah. Greed only happens when the government is involved. Incompetence only happens when it's the government. Was it only 8 short years ago that this country was mired in a nasty massive budget surplus, lots and lots of jobs, respect overseas and at home, mostly peace abroad, no dead soldiers and only one hummer of a scandal and the conservatives were all pissed off, because the government was too big and intrusive?
Thank goodness they got back into power and fixed all of that crap. And thank goodness they are now putting forth a reformer to reform the reforms they instituted 8 years ago. Because just think what state this country would be in were those damn Liberals allowed to continue running this nation instead of another fucking Republican.

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